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Wasp control

Are you experiencing a wasp infestation on your property? Ehrlich’s state-licensed pest specialists are trained in the most effective wasp control and removal methods in the industry. We will deliver safe wasp removal treatments so you do not have to worry about being stung from doing it yourself.

Identifying wasps is difficult without professional training. Accurate identification is very important as it will help determine the best treatment. Wasps can be easily mistaken for other stinging insects such as bees.

If you have spotted what you believe may be a wasp nest on your property, do not approach the nest yourself as wasps are dangerous. Contact your local pest control experts at Ehrlich at 800-837-5520 or schedule a free pest inspection online.

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Wasp control treatments

Ehrlich strongly advises against attempting to remove wasp nests by DIY methods as this can be highly dangerous. Our specialists have the appropriate equipment and wear protective gear to remove wasp nests safely.

  • Identification - Correctly identifying the type of wasp that is infesting your property is key to successfully removing them.

  • Recommendation - Once the wasp is identified, your specialist will make a treatment recommendation. The method of removal your specialist will suggest will depend on a variety of factors including the type of wasp, the location of the nest, state and local regulations and the severity of the infestation. Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, your specialist will provide you with a quote for services.
  • Treatment - The method of treatment used will vary depending on the type of species.

    • Paper wasp nest will be treated directly with an aerosol insecticide, repellent liquid residual, or residual dust. Once the colony is eliminated, your specialist will remove the nest.

    • Yellowjacket nests are controlled by applying a residual dust into the opening of the nest. If there isn’t a nest to treat, yellowjacket traps will be placed where the insects commonly gather.

    • Bald-faced hornet nests will be treated by applying a residual dust into the entrance of the hole of the nest. Then, your specialist will puncture the side of the nest and apply additional dust into the nest.

Wasp control cost

The cost of wasp control will vary based on many different factors, which is why an inspection prior to quoting will provide the most accurate cost. Our wasp control specialist will take into account some of the following factors:

  • Size/number of nests
  • Height of nest
  • Accessibility of nest

Wasp deterrent tips

You can actively and regularly check your property for signs of nests to enable early treatment. You can also make changes to your behavior and how you handle food and drink outdoors to help deter wasps.

  • Check for nests - Check your home and garden in early spring for nests. Early on, the nests will be walnut or golf ball in size. Early small nests have fewer wasps and are easier to treat quickly. Look for nests in lofts, garages, sheds, cavity walls or under eaves.
  • Secure garbage - Ensure outside garbage cans have tightly fitting lids. Keep your garbage at a distance from doors and windows.
  • Keep windows and doors shut - This will help to prevent wasps from entering inside your home.

Although high numbers of wasps in your home or garden almost certainly means there is a nest nearby, getting rid of a nest may not always be a possible solution. If the nest is not on your property, you will have very limited control over what you can do to remove it. Nests located in confined, hard-to-reach areas (such as cavity walls) will also be more difficult to treat.  It’s best to contact us for removal services!

Need a professional solution for your wasp or hornet nest?

Over the years, Ehrlich has developed expertise in handling wasp species in the eastern U.S. We understand the appropriate way to treat for wasps, and our well-trained specialists seek to provide the optimal wasp control service that suits your specific situation. For peace of mind, and to be completely safe from stings, it is safer to let a professional Ehrlich specialist treat the nest for you.

Have you spotted a wasp nest on your property? Schedule a free inspection with a local specialist today by calling 1-800-837-5520 or contacting us online.

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