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Pricing overview

How much does Ehrlich Pest Control cost?

Every home is unique, which means it can be difficult to definitively say how much your service will cost. Our new pricing tool can help homeowners get a better estimated cost for their individual needs, using a few factors like location, property size, and pest type.

In order to know the true costs of your pest control service, an Ehrlich Technician will need to inspect your home. To schedule a free inspection or discuss pricing for your individual needs, contact us online or give us a call at 800-837-5520.

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Pricing factors

Here are a few factors that can determine your quote for your individualized pest control service:


Pest control services can have different associated costs based on pest pressures in your zip code.

Pest type

Different pests require certain treatments that may take one or multiple sessions.


This indicates the number of entry points, high-risk areas, and areas that need ongoing protection.


Extreme infestations will be more difficult to get rid of, cover a larger area, and require multiple treatments.

Inspecting your property for pests

For the most accurate pricing, a Technician will need to inspect your home. Once your Technician determines the pest pressure and severity of the infestation, they can create an action plan with you to get rid of the problem. This will mean determining the type of treatment that will work best and how many visits will be required.

If you have a pest problem, don’t risk making it worse by trying to deal with it on your own. Contact your local Ehrlich Pest Control office to get a residential inspection scheduled.

Inspecting your property for pests

Frequently asked questions

How much is a one-time treatment?

For the most common pests, our pricing varies depending on a variety of factors such as property size and type and the severity of the infestation. For an accurate quote, check out our new pricing tool.

How much is PestFree365+?

Our flagship pest protection plan provides year-round peace of mind from 36 of the most common pests, but pricing also depends on your location. See our pricing tool for more details.

How much does pest control cost for a business?

Homes and businesses are serviced differently, which means they have different costs. A warehouse or an office building requires more work, more inspections, and usually more continuous treatments from our Technicians than a residential property typically does. Contact us for your pricing options for commercial pest control. Pricing tool is not applicable to commercial properties.

How much does it cost to DIY pest control?

We rarely recommend DIY methods as they can cause a more severe infestation. DIY pest control will vary in cost depending on the pest and problem you're trying to solve. Keep in mind that it is easy to make the issue worse by incorrectly implementing DIY solutions. It's best to call a local, trusted professional, like Ehrlich, to completely get rid of an infestation.

How do I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill through our customer portal! Our customer portal gives you easy access to pay your bill online and also shows you your bill payment history and your upcoming scheduled services.

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