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Stinging insects

Enjoy your sting-free summer by taking preventative measures around your yard. Our infographic shows you where wasps will build nests.

When wasps are ruining your party, it's easy to ask yourself why wasps even exist. Learn the purpose of wasps for our environment.

Cicada killer wasps and Northern giant hornets are both wasps that are feared for their sting, but behave differently. Our experts explain.

Why are stinging insects and wasps attracted to my house? Take back your yard with these simple steps to prevent wasps and wasp nests.

Carpenter bees tend to come out around the spring time, but do you need to be worried about them stinging? Our experts weigh in.

Decoy wasps are a common DIY tactic to get wasps to build their nests in places other than your backyard. But do they actually work?

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