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Pest Control Tips

Explore the different pests covered in the PestFree365+ plan from Ehrlich Pest Control. The goal is for your home to be pest-free all year long.

DIY pest control might seem more cost-effective, but hiring a professional pest control service for pests will eliminate the problem at the source.

Want to know if that yellow spider is a Joro spider? Ehrlich lists out characteristics of yellow spiders and how to identify them.

Spotted lanternflies are a major invasive species in the Northeastern United States, but are cold winters a defense mechanism against them?

The snow outside your home may look like its just dirty, but it could actually be snow fleas. Find out if snow fleas are harmful to humans.

Avoid food contamination & food safety issues by following our holiday food safety guide. Take a look at our infographic for more info.

Pests will move into your home where they can stay warm and cozy until spring. Use these prevention tips for fall pests to keep them out.

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