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When it comes to do-it-yourself ant control, there are a lot of myths out there about how to get rid of ants. Our experts debug 5 of them.

Why do ants keep coming back? You thought you got rid of them last year, yet here they are again. Ehrlich can help get rid of them for good.

Why are you seeing ants this early in this spring? Technical Service Manager, Dr. Godfrey Nalyanya has the answer about early ant activity.

Termites and carpenter ants are often confused. However, you can tell the difference by looking at their wings, behavior, and what they eat.

Fire ants are land insects by nature, but when hurricanes and flash floods force them from their tunnel homes, you might see something else.

Ants may be a common pest, but they are quite unique. After reading these fun facts about ants, you will never look at ants the same way.

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