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Mosquitoes and mosquito bites are an annoyance and can be dangerous. Get all of your mosquito questions answered in our essential guide.

Malaria concerns in Florida raise concerns with the increased mosquito activity with the humidity in the sunshine state. We break down risks and prevention tips.

A new mosquito species, Culex Lactator, has made itself a permeant home in Florida. Protect your family from this new mosquito species with mosquito control.

Should you be concerned about West Nile Virus in 2023 for the US? Here are the top east coast states for West Nile Virus activity to monitor.

Aside from annoying you, do mosquitoes exist for any other reason? Find out why mosquitoes actually are beneficial to the ecosystem.

It won't be long before mosquitoes are biting again, and new research says there might be a new factor attracting mosquitoes — the color red.

One of the diseases attributed to mosquitoes is West Nile Virus. Learn the symptoms of West Nile and how it spreads through mosquitoes.

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