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Occasional Invaders

Are you a holiday baker? You probably don’t want to include pantry pests as one of your main ingredients. We can help you avoid pantry pests.

Overwintering pests make their way into your home in the springtime after a long winter. Find out how to get rid of them.

Spider mites are destructive little pests that can destroy spruce, arborvitae, juniper, hemlock, pine and Douglas fir trees!

Clover mites are reddish-brown pests that are related to ticks and spiders, but actually are not considered insects. Read more to find out about this pest.

Stink bug damage can plague the agriculture industry. Find out why the Brown Marmorated stink bug has caused such hysteria and how to help eliminate them.

What are springtails? You may have seen these little creatures by the gardens around your home. Find out how to get rid of springtails from your property.

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