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Pests in the Headlines

Asian jumping worms are an invasive species and are considered to be bad for the environment. Learn what to do if you spot one in your yard.

Factoring in climate change, natural disasters, pest behaviors, and information from our regional field managers, we present the Ehrlich 2022 Pest Predictions.

It’s been 17 long years of waiting for the Brood X cicadas. What should you know about these unique and mysterious creatures?

While agriculture was their initial target, spotted lanternflies have since spread into residential areas. Here's what you should know.

To help people prepare for 2021, entomologists from Ehrlich Pest Control used field knowledge and data to provide pest predictions for 2021.

Ehrlich's entomologists examined trends and company data to determine six pest predictions for 2020, along with quick tips to stay pest-free.

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