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Mosquito control services

If you have spent any time outdoors during the warm months of spring and summer, then you’re likely very familiar with mosquitoes. These blood-sucking insects have lived for millions of years, feeding on various mammals, including humans. With so many mosquito species, it's safe to say that nearly every creature on the planet has had to deal with them in some way. 

Our mosquito control services will help to alleviate any problems you are experiencing with mosquitoes on your property. You can try several things around your home to reduce mosquito prevention, but contacting an expert is the best solution.

Ehrlich technicians understand each mosquito species' habits and have a wide variety of solutions to deal with mosquitoes. We offer specialized mosquito treatment solutions that are effective against infestations. Our treatments are fast-acting, long-lasting, and low-odor.

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Mosquito treatment options

Ehrlich pest control offers targeted treatment options for mosquito control, providing you and your family with the protection you need.

  • Monthly service - Season-long protection of your yard with monthly barrier treatments. The number of months for mosquito service is based on where you live and the mosquito activity in that area.
  • Single service - This is a single mosquito service for your yard that reduces mosquito populations. 
  • Bundle with PestFree365+ and save - Combine our PestFree365+ plan with our monthly mosquito treatment service, and you will receive:
    • Protection from over 39 common pests
    • Regularly scheduled visits
    • Unlimited service calls with no extra charges
    • Recommendations for pest prevention
    • Monthly yard treatments for mosquitoes

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How Ehrlich mosquito control treatments work

Ehrlich’s mosquito control service is designed to eliminate mosquitoes and prevent new mosquitoes from resting in your yard. Our monthly service option includes an unlimited retreatment guarantee for the duration of the service. You and your family can enjoy spending time in your yard without worrying about these pests.

An Ehrlich technician will inspect your property and identify the areas in your yard that need to be treated.

A barrier mosquito treatment using best-in-class products will be applied where mosquitoes rest, including perimeter vegetation, weeds, standing water, and other areas. Our fast-acting and low-odor treatment solutions reduce mosquito populations and prevent mosquitoes from reproducing.

Your Ehrlich technician will offer recommendations to help eliminate potential mosquito breeding sites in your yard to protect your family further. 

Mosquito services for your business

If your business has a mosquito infestation, you’ll want to take care of it right away. Not only is it a nuisance for your staff, but it could also have a negative effect on your customers and sales. 

The last thing customers want is to be bitten on your property, which could also damage your company’s reputation. Call us today at 800-837-5520 and let Ehrlich keep your business protected from mosquitoes.

Why mosquito control is important

Mosquito control is crucial to help prevent the transmission of diseases carried by mosquitoes, such as West Nile virus and Zika virus. Effective mosquito management helps reduce exposure to mosquitoes and the health risks they can pose. 

Effective mosquito control creates environments with fewer mosquitoes, allowing people to engage in outdoor activities like picnics, hiking, and sports without constant interruptions from mosquito bites. Mosquito control also allows individuals to relax in outdoor spaces without the continuous application of mosquito repellents. 

Frequently asked questions

How much does an exterminator for mosquitoes cost?

The cost for Ehrlich mosquito extermination services varies based on individual circumstances and the specific needs of each property. Our skilled technicians assess factors such as the size of the area, the severity of the mosquito infestation, and potential breeding sites to provide tailored solutions. For accurate pricing information, we recommend reaching out to our team directly

What is the best way to prevent mosquitoes?

There are various ways to prevent mosquitoes, such as eliminating standing water, installing fans outdoors, trimming vegetation, and more. Depending on your mosquito infestation, it may be best to consult a professional to reduce mosquito populations and prevent mosquitoes from reproducing. 

Is there a way to instantly kill mosquitoes?

There are products and methods available that can effectively kill mosquitoes on contact, such as aerosols. These solutions can offer immediate relief by reducing adult mosquito populations. However, solely relying on this DIY method is not a sustainable long-term solution. Using the right application techniques, addressing larval breeding sites, and implementing integrated pest management (IPM) strategies can help manage mosquito populations more effectively. Our solutions are designed to not only provide fast-acting and long-lasting relief but also to target mosquito reproduction and prevent future infestations.

Can I DIY mosquito control?

You can attempt DIY mosquito control by trying various techniques to reduce mosquito populations, such as eliminating standing water and using mosquito repellents. However, for more effective results, you should consult a professional. Ehrlich can provide expert assessments, targeted treatments, and ongoing monitoring tailored to your property.

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