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Rats may be small, but they can cause a lot of trouble. They are quick and nimble rodents that can squeeze through tight spaces. Rats can cause costly damage to your property and pose a health risk for you and your family. If you suspect or detect a rat problem, it’s best to call a professional rat exterminator.

At Ehrlich, we take rat control seriously. We offer comprehensive rat extermination services that will keep you and your home protected. Our technicians are trained experts in rat removal and treatments. With Ehrlich, you can trust that your rat problem will be handled effectively and efficiently.

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How rats can damage your home

Rats can cause extensive damage to your home if they are left untreated, which is why it’s important to hire a rat exterminator if you suspect rats. These pests can chew through wooden structures or insulation, leading to costly repairs. Rats can chew through electrical wires, which can cause electrical problems and create a serious fire hazard. They can contaminate stored food with urine, feces, and/or saliva. 

If you suspect rats in or around your home, here are a few signs of rats in your home that you can look out for:

  • Rat sightings:  Whether it’s dead or alive, spotting a rat usually means there are likely more around. 
  • Droppings:  Rat droppings can typically be found near their food sources or along their travel paths. They are small, dark brown, and pellet-shaped.
  • Footprints: Rat footprints, pictured below, may be spotted in dusty or dirty areas of your home. You can typically spot distinct, dime-sized footprints in dusty areas of your home.
  • Rub marks: Since rats have poor eyesight, they often rely on muscle memory or rub against walls or other surfaces to create a scent trail to follow. They often leave behind rub marks or grease. 
  • Nests: Rats build nests near their food source and are typically in hidden areas such as your attic, basement, under eaves, or crawl spaces. 
  • Gnaw marks: Rats have a constant need to chew and may leave gnaw marks on wires, wood, plastic, or food packaging.

Rats can breed very quickly, so it is important to call a professional rat exterminator at the first sign. At Ehrlich, our technicians use the latest tools and techniques to help you get rid of rats from your home or business. Our rat control experts will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your specific needs.

rat footprints in dust

Ehrlich’s rat control solutions

At Ehrlich, we have an extensive process for rat control. When dealing with rats on your property, we follow applicable laws and regulations and incorporate integrated pest management solutions (IPM) in our rat removal and treatment services. IPM is an environmentally conscious approach to pest control, using fewer chemicals and only treating areas that target rodents specifically.

Property inspection

Your technician will inspect the interior and exterior of your home or building and look for any signs of rodent activity or openings through which rats may be entering.

Interior solutions

Rat control inside may include using fluorescent tracking gel to help track rodent activity patterns with a UV light. It may also involve using snap traps, glue boards, and/or bait stations. Control tools will be strategically placed along the travel pathway, near areas of activity, and in multiple directions.

Exterior solutions

Rat control outside will include proactively using monitoring bait or rodenticide in exterior rodent bait stations. Your technician will add more bait when there is an increase in feeding activity or if the bait is totally consumed. Snap traps may also be used in exterior stations, especially when non-toxic monitors are being used.


Your technician will seal any large gaps or openings that may serve as rodent entry points. Exclusion will also help prevent future rodent activity.

Common types of rats

Although there are many different species of rats, the two common species of rat that typically cause concern in the US are Norway rats and Roof rats. Both types of rats can cause extensive damage to your home or property. So, it is crucial to contact a professional rat exterminator if you suspect a problem. 

Norway rats

  • Also known as common rat or brown rat
  • Larger than black rats
  • Robust body and shorter tail
  • Brown or grey
  • Live in burrows near a food source

Roof rats

  • Also known as black rats
  • Smaller and slimmer than brown rats
  • Long tail and pointer nose
  • Grey or black
  • Live in high places like roofs, attics, or trees

Rat control for your business

Rats are more than just a problem for homeowners. They can be a major concern for businesses as well. They can cause inventory loss, property damage, and pose health risks to employees. The bottom line is that no one wants to see a rat scurry across their business floor. 

If you see a rat inside or around your business, it’s important to contact professional rat exterminators quickly. At Ehrlich, we understand how important it is for businesses to maintain their reputation and ensure the safety of their employees and customers. We are committed to providing effective and efficient rat control services to businesses to help avoid any damages or health risks.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does a rat exterminator cost?

Rat exterminators can vary in cost depending on the property type and size of the infestation and property. Contact us today for a free inspection or for more information on our rat removal and control plans. You can also fill out our form to receive an instant quote.

How can I tell if I have mice or rats?

There are a few differentiations between mice and rats. Rats have smaller ears, larger feet, and thick, hairless tails. Mice will have more prominent ears and long, thin tails covered in hairs. Rats are also much larger than mice and can range from 6-15 inches long, while mice are typically one to four inches long.

Are rats dangerous?

Rats can pose a major risk to both your property and your health. Rats can spread diseases through their urine, feces, or bites. They can cause expensive property damage from gnawing through electrical wires, wooden structures, or insulation. If you suspect a rat problem, contact a professional rat exterminator. At Ehrlich, we offer rat pest control services to keep your home or business protected.

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