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How to get rid of termites

Are you concerned your house may be infested with termites? The best way to get rid of termites is always to contact a pest control professional like Ehrlich.

termite infestation in your home can be a stressful experience. Below are just a few of the reasons why it is best to hire a termite control professional:

  • Do-it-yourself termite treatments are mostly ineffective and will not prevent termites from re-infesting your property.
  • Termites are highly secretive creatures that are difficult to identify without specialized training.
  • A properly trained pest control professional will ensure that the termite treatments are applied in the safest manner possible.

After an inspection, an Ehrlich Technician will work with you to choose the right treatment method for the type of termites on your property. The method of treatment will depend on the species of termite you are dealing with.

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Termite prevention

Termites are not directly dangerous to people, as they are not venomous and do not usually bite people. Taking pre-emptive steps to deter termites results in a smaller chance of termites being attracted to your home. These steps will help you avoid an infestation all together.

Getting rid of termites is just as much about prevention as it is treatment. If you take pre-emptive steps to deter termites, they won’t be attracted to your property, thus avoiding an infestation all together. Here are some termite prevention tips.



Most termites need moisture to survive

By reducing moisture in your home, you will be protecting your property from the risk of termite infestation.

  • Repair the roof - Broken roof tiles can let in moisture and create the perfect environment for termites to start chewing away and setting up their nests.
  • Watch the air conditioner - If you have an air conditioner unit in a window, keep an eye on it. The moisture that drips from an air conditioner can cause the wood around windows to get damp and create an attractive area for a termite infestation.
  • Tend to leaky pipes - Leaks can moisten the wood around them. Also, ensure stormwater runoff is properly connected and directed away from your home.
  • Ensure proper ventilation - Poor ventilation in the sub-floor areas of your property will result in high humidity and high moisture levels.

Eliminate potential entry points

If you give termites the opportunity to enter your home, they’ll take it.

  • Seal up windows and doors - When termite swarmers come out, they can get inside through broken window screens and doors with cracks and openings. 
  • Don’t store wood against your house - Stacking wood against the side of the house or allowing climbing plants or bushy gardens to grow against it can attract termites to your home. 
  • Put space between wood and soil - Construct wood fences and support posts with a two inch clearance between the wood and the soil. Galvanized posts that elevate the wood off the ground are available from any good hardware store.
  • Clean up construction sites - Termites can often attack scaffolding and use it to gain access into your home.

Do not provide food sources

Termites eat 24/7. Termites are notorious for eating wood, but they’ll eat other materials as well.

  • Get rid of cardboard - Termites love to chew on things like cardboard boxes. Store things in plastic boxes instead of cardboard, so if a termite gets inside the attic, they don't have boxes to chew through.
  • Put your laundry away - Termites are looking for cellulose and certain fabrics can be just as attractive as wood to them. Pick up piles of clothes and store them properly to avoid a termite invasion.
  • Tend the garden - Use a mulch made from alternative materials like gravel or rubber instead of wood and make sure it isn’t placed right against your house. Use treated wood in garden beds, retaining walls, or fence posts so termites will not be attracted.
  • Remove dead trees or stumps - Dead trees and stumps are ideal sites for termites to nest in. Remove these or have them treated to reduce the risk to your property.
  • Check the wood around your house - Take the time to check the wooden beams and exposed wood (including furniture) around your house. Press your thumb or fingers against exposed wood and if the wood crumbles, you probably have termites. If you catch it early, you can get rid of termites and stop the damage.

Getting rid of termites with Ehrlich

It is best to contact a professional pest control company, like Ehrlich, at the first sign of termites to ensure your infestation doesn’t get out of hand.

Your Ehrlich Technician will inspect your property to determine the type and severity of the infestation. With that information, the Technician will be able to select the method of treatment that is best suited for your unique situation. 

Whether your termite problem requires termite baiting and monitoring, fumigation, or a more conventional method such as spot treatment, we’re up for the challenge. To set up a FREE termite inspection, call Ehrlich today at 800-837-5520 or contact us online.

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