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Flies: information and resources

Flies are insects that belong to the order Diptera and are characterized by having only one pair of wings. Flies play an important ecological role in nature as pollinators and providing food sources for other animals. However, fly control is warranted when flies infest in and around properties. 

A fly infestation can be harmful to humans in a number of ways, including:

  • Flies can transmit many different diseases to people, including diseases associated with food poisoning like Salmonella or  E. coli. Other diseases that flies are known to spread include typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery and rotavirus. 
  • A fly infestation can result in financial losses for businesses by contaminating food products. The presence of flies can give customers the impression that a commercial property is unsanitary.
  • Some fly species (mosquitoes, deer flies, etc.) will bite humans which will result in itchy bumps.

If a small fly problem is left uncontrolled, it has the potential to turn into a serious infestation. Some fly species are able to mature from eggs to adults in just seven days.

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Signs of a fly infestation

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Ehrlich’s fly control solutions

As your local fly control experts in pest control, Ehrlich specialists have extensive experience treating fly infestations. Our specialists throughout the U.S. are highly trained and utilize the very latest in fly control technology. 

Proper identification of the species of fly is very important so that the breeding site(s) can be located and your fly problem fixed for good. Ehrlich’s treatment programs are directed at both the larval and adult flies to achieve effective and efficient control.

Ehrlich specialists will employ a range of fly control treatment methods, including but not limited to: 

  • Insect Light Traps 
  • Fly exclusion treatments
  • Liquid applications 
  • Fly baits
  • Instituting improved sanitation 
  • Removing decaying vegetation

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Indoor fly control solutions

Flies can be very problematic for businesses and homeowners when they gain access to a property. Flies can quickly breed and contaminate food sources. Ehrlich Pest Control offers customers a number of indoor fly control solutions.

In addition to employing a number of treatments to prevent flies from entering a building, Ehrlich specialists will in some situations treat properties with fly baits and liquid applications. 

We always will explore non-chemical treatment options first before recommending an insecticide treatment. If a chemical treatment is necessary, customers can rest assured knowing that a state-certified specialist will apply the treatment safely and effectively. 

For some commercial businesses, Ehrlich specialists may recommend the installation of insect light traps. Many fly species are attracted to certain wavelengths of ultra-violet (UV) light. Insect light traps can control flies indoors 24-hours-a-day.

Outdoor fly control solutions

It is imperative to prevent flies from gaining access to a property. As your local fly control experts, Ehrlich specialists are trained to apply effective fly treatments outdoors as well as indoors. In some situations, Ehrlich specialists may perform exclusion services to close fly entry points. Flies often gain entrance to buildings through open doors and dock windows. We recommend installing self-closing doors and tight-fitting screens on windows. 

A specialist may also recommend to institute improved sanitation methods and dispose of decaying vegetation. Proper sanitation will make your property less attractive to flies. 

How to get rid of flies

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Do you have drain flies?

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Restaurant fly control

Where there is a fly problem, the risk for food contamination is extremely high. This is a big concern for restaurant owners as it can potentially make customers fall ill, tainting the business’ reputation. The presence of flies in a restaurant kitchen will also guarantee a failed health inspection by any local health department. Very quickly, rotting food and uncleanly drains can attract hundreds of tiny fruit flies. Before you know it, the problem is out of your control.

Ehrlich has just the right treatment methods and equipment to remove the fly problem from your café, bar, or restaurant completely. Our commercial pest control experts will first assess the risk and then find a fly control solution that is unique to the needs of your establishment. Procedures will be done conspicuously during non-business hours to make sure that your restaurant’s reputation will not be disturbed. To discover what Ehrlich can do for your restaurant, give us a call at 800-837-5520.

Lumnia: LED-powered insect light trap

When it comes to fly control, you need a system that is energy efficient, effective and environmentally friendly. Lumnia is proven best in class and is the first LED unit that genuinely works. Using LED technology, Lumnia is able to effectively monitor and control not only flies, but all other flying insects. 

How does it work?

The Lumnia range uses high attraction output LED lamps and unique glue boards that are optimized to catch the most flies while also reducing power consumption at your facility. The insect light traps are made to suit a wide variety of indoor environments where flies may be present, as well as a vast selection of industries with specific requirements. 

Benefits of Lumnia:

  • Saves up to 61% of energy compared to equivalent competitors 
  • Multiple energy modes that adapt to day and night, reducing consumption and contributing to a lower environmental impact
  • Modern, seamless design, providing lower glare from LEDs and reduced visibility of caught flies
  • No catch tray and no mess
  • Ability to switch between Monitor and Control modes to suit customer and location requirements

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