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Do decoy wasp nests work?

Barbeques and sweet-smelling drinks are a dinner bell for wasps. Swarming your backyard festivities and creating a frenzy is a wasp’s M.O. When they come around, family and friends abandon their plates, piled high with summer delights and umbrella-garnished fruity concoctions, as they try to avoid being stung by these relentless pests.

As a result of this all-too-common scenario, and out of desperation to find the ultimate solution, homeowners will try just about anything when it comes to safeguarding their property from wasps, especially during peak summer season. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the idea of a decoy wasp nest was conceived.

True or false: Hanging a decoy nest will keep wasps away

The Common wasp

False! Decoy wasps do not work in keeping wasps away from your yard. While wasps are very territorial, there are a number of reasons why you could find numerous wasp nests in close proximity to each other.

What does a decoy wasp nest do?

The idea behind hanging a decoy wasp nest on your house or in your yard is that wasps that are scoping out the area will see it and avoid building nests in the area, thinking that another wasp colony has already established itself there. However, there is no proof that this tactic is effective, or that it even works.

Why are decoy wasp nests ineffective?

  • Different species of wasps don’t build hives in trees or under eaves, instead they build their nests in the ground.

  • Additionally, once a wasp has built an established nest, they will not move. Hanging a decoy nest near an existing nest will do nothing.

  • Not all wasps will build nests in isolation, meaning they are fine sharing an area with another colony, or a decoy wasp nest for that matter.

  • Wasps generally leave their nests at the end of the year, investigating other nests before deciding if they should find a different home. When they investigate the decoy wasp nest and find there are no wasps inside, they may not leave the area. There have even been reports that wasps have moved into decoy nests.

Effective wasp control

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