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Why are mosquitoes attracted to me?

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Why do I get bit by mosquitoes more than others?” You may be the one in your friend group continually getting berated by the blood-sucking beasts while others seem to walk away with only a couple of bites or maybe none at all. Even after applying a protective spray like everyone else, you still end up with more mosquito bites at the end of the evening. Why does this happen?

You may be relieved to know that you aren’t losing your mind; mosquitos do favor certain individuals over others. In fact, 20% of human beings are proven to be more attractive to mosquitoes than others. Continue reading to discover what about you attracts mosquitoes and what you can do to minimize mosquito bites during this warm weather season.

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What attracts mosquitoes?

If you’re spending any time outside this summer, you’re likely anxious to figure out the answer to this question. Here, we explore some of the most prevalent mosquito attractants.

What blood type do mosquitoes like?  

It’s no secret that, similar to vampires, mosquitoes have an obsession with human blood. Actually, female mosquitoes need the proteins and lipids found in our blood to breed and lay eggs. Now for the answer you have been waiting for. Many scientific studies have discovered that those with Type O blood are two times more likely to have mosquitoes land on them than those with Type A blood. People with Type B blood ended up close to the middle of the spectrum. What doesn’t help is that it is hard for us to hide our blood type from mosquitoes. Approximately 85% of us give off a chemical signal that tells mosquitoes what blood type we have. Good news for them…not so much for us.


Are mosquitoes attracted to sweat?

Mosquitoes get their keen sense of smell from their chemical neuroreceptors. These neuroreceptors allow them to not only smell your blood type from a distance but also the lactic acid found in your sweat. Lactic acid, ammonia, uric acid and other compounds found in human perspiration are all picked up on by those receptors. Studies show that movement can actually increase mosquito bites by 50%! If you are a workout enthusiast, you are a mosquito’s dream come true.

Mosquitoes and carbon dioxide

Female mosquitoes can smell the carbon dioxide that is released from human breath from up to 115 feet away! Mosquitoes also prefer warmer bodies. This means that anyone who exhales more frequently than others, like women that are late in their pregnancy, those that exercise frequently, and individuals who are overweight are sure to attract more mosquitoes. 


Sometimes life just isn’t fair. This next piece of information is a perfect example of that. Science has found that some people are born with a genetic chemical that appears to be able to counteract or mask the odors that mosquitoes are generally drawn to, making them “bug proof.” Lucky for them.


Studies have found that the amount and variation of bacteria found on our skin help to determine our level of attractiveness to mosquitoes. This explains why you may find a majority of mosquito bites around your ankles and feet. This is where large amounts of bacteria colonies tend to be, as well as strong odors.

What colors are mosquitoes attracted to?

You’ve probably heard that bees and wasps are attracted to certain colors but did you know that mosquitoes are too? In addition to scent, mosquitoes use vision to locate humans. Studies have found that there are certain colors that can make you more visible to mosquitoes. Unlike for bees, wearing darker colors will draw these blood-sucking pests to you. So anytime you choose to wear dark colors this summer, know that you may be a walking target for mosquitoes. Maybe choose something a little brighter instead.

Foot in the sand

How to avoid mosquito bites

Use insect repellent. This tip is first because it has been proven to be the most effective in preventing mosquito bites. For best protection look for repellents at your local pharmacy that contain DEET.

Wear light colors. As mentioned earlier, mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors, so if you want to avoid being bitten, break out your bright yellows and whites when picking clothing items for the outdoors.

Cover up. Although it is summer, if you want to protect your skin from mosquitoes, it’s a good idea to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants when hanging out outside.

Use fans. Mosquitoes are weak flyers, so keeping multiple fans circulating while spending time in your yard can make it harder for them to land on you.

Let Ehrlich help you prevent mosquito bites

If mosquitoes are invading your property in large numbers, Ehrlich’s mosquito control service can help reduce your exposure to mosquitoes in your yard and the health risks they pose. Each treatment eliminates adult mosquitoes, prevents mosquito reproduction, and also controls ticks in your yard. You and your family deserve to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather without annoying mosquitoes bothering you. Contact us today.

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