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Mosquito yard treatment

Mosquitoes have earned their very bad rap over the centuries. They have been plaguing humans and animals since they first walked the planet. Because mosquitoes feed on blood, they are natural vectors of a whole host of diseases and health risks. That's why finding a professional company to provide your home with an effective mosquito yard treatment is one of the best ways to enjoy your yard, lawn and home without worrying about mosquito bites.

Ehrlich Pest Control provides effective mosquito yard treatment for homes and businesses. If you think that you have a mosquito problem, or just want to prevent mosquitoes in your home, contact us today.

Mosquito treatment methods

Mosquitoes use vegetation such as bushes, trees and tall grass to hide out in. Mosquitoes prefer to seek a blood meal during the early dawn and dusk hours, so they rest in shade provided by vegetation during the day. They will also use any kind of standing water, such as birdbaths, ponds and other stagnant water areas, to lay eggs and hatch more mosquitoes.

Ehrlich Pest Control mosquito control professionals can provide an effective mosquito lawn and yard treatment that will coat the vegetation around the property and the edge of your property to ward off mosquitoes that are using that vegetation to rest. The treatment will last for an extended period of time, preventing mosquitoes from coming back and settling there.

Mosquito lawn treatment

In addition to the areas around your home, Ehrlich Pest Control mosquito professionals can make sure that your lawn is treated for mosquitoes, too. Keeping your lawn trimmed short helps, but Ehrlich mosquito lawn treatments will make sure that mosquitoes look elsewhere for places to rest during the heat of the day and lay their eggs. An effective mosquito lawn treatment will not only eliminate the mosquitoes that are already present, but offer months of protection from other mosquitoes looking for a place to feed.

Lawn and yard treatment process

Ehrlich mosquito control specialists will contact you and discuss the issues that you're having with mosquitoes and mosquito bites. We will also work with you to find the right time to do a property inspection to find the most likely locations for mosquitoes to infest in your yard, looking for vegetation, shade, and standing water. We offer advice and counsel for what you can do to help ensure mosquitoes do not find your yard an attractive place.

The Ehrlich mosquito yard and lawn treatment get rid of mosquitoes and their larvae that may already be in the vegetation, grass and other likely mosquito location areas around your property. Our process will also make sure that mosquitoes who try to rest in your yard find that a very unpleasant process and one that will likely be fatal for them.

Mosquito barriers

The most effective mosquito yard treatment creates a barrier around the proximity of the property that lasts. That way you can use your yard for picnics, barbecues and family events without worrying about mosquitoes. The mosquito barrier acts like a dome that surrounds your home and yard, eliminating the need for mosquito candles and mosquito sprays as long as you stay on the treated yard and property.

Ehrlich mosquito treatment experts

If you want to enjoy your home and yard day or night, dusk and dawn, throughout the warmer spring and summer months, then get an effective mosquito lawn and yard treatment from a professional expert in mosquito control and prevention.

Ehrlich Pest Control offers highly effective mosquito lawn treatments stay on the cutting edge of the latest methods and technology to get rid of mosquitoes. Contact us today and set up an appointment with our mosquito control specialists.

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