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5 ways to keep pests out of healthcare facilities

If you run a hospital, retirement home or healthcare facility, you know that keeping the hallways, rooms and building clean from pests and foul odors is key to employee safety and patient recovery. However, like any building with a lot of people and that serves food, pests like rodents, cockroaches, flies and other pests will find your building attractive and try to infest.

Here is a video that shows 5 ways you can help reduce the risk of pests in your healthcare facility. Ehrlich has been providing healthcare facilities with pest control services for decades and if you feel you need help keeping your properties pest-free, contact us today!


1. Waste receptacles should have self-closing lids and be kept closed.

Sealing garbage cans eliminates odors that may attract pests.

2. Inspect, repair and clean trash chutes at least once a year.

Properly working chutes keep pests away and stop offensive smells.

3. Regularly check drain traps to keep both odors and pests at bay.

Cleaning floor drain traps reduces scents that attract annoying flies.

4. Temperature-regulate indoor trash areas.

Reducing temperatures eliminates harborage areas for pests like rodents and insects.

5. Repair leaks, water damage and control humidity levels.

Moisture and standing water lead to mold, odor and insect problems.

If you have questions about pest control for your healthcare facility, contact your Ehrlich professional today!

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