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Out of sight, out of mind: pests in your attic or crawlspace?

Old attic with hidden secrets of an abandoned house

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think much about your home’s attic or crawlspace until you need to access it. But outside of your old high school yearbooks and holiday decorations, do you know what’s really in your attic or crawlspace?

These often closed-off, out of the way areas are a prime hotspot for pest activity of all types. If you feel you have pests like rodents or insects in your attic at home, contact your local Ehrlich Pest Control office for an inspection and removal.

Common pests in the attic

Pests like these areas because they often offer all the comforts of home without the disruption of pesky humans. There’s warmth from your home that seeps into these areas, along with plentiful sources of food and nesting material. Pests that can infest these undisturbed areas while you aren’t looking include:

When pests enter your home, they bring with them the potential to cause damage, as well as physical and health hazards. When rodents and wildlife chew on wiring in these areas, it creates fire risks. Fur, droppings, and urine can impact your family’s health, as they spread dangerous pathogens and trigger allergies. Insects can make their way from these areas into your home and become a nuisance and carry health risks of their own.

Your local pest control experts

Your Ehrlich Technician can perform an inspection of your attic or crawlspace for pest activity and provide valuable recommendations for keeping pests out. If you’re an Ehrlich PestFree365+ customer, these inspections will be part of your routine services. If you are not currently on this maintenance plan that includes coverage against more than 36 common pests, your Technician can conduct an inspection for an additional charge.

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