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5 bug repelling plants for your garden

Summer is in high season, and that means that we all want to spend some time in the sun. For many, this also means that gardening season is in full bloom. So why not combine the two and use your garden as a tool to make your yard and home less desirable to pests and more comfortable to enjoy for yourself? Take a look at some top plants that can help repel pesky bugs like mosquitoesfliesbeetles, and other lawn pests.



You’ve probably seen lavender scents in various products like fragrances and detergents. Did you know that this lovely scent is also despicable to many pests like flies and mosquitoes? In addition to growing them in sunny garden areas and home entryways, you can keep tied bouquets around your home, like in your clothing drawers and living areas.


These beautiful red and orange flowers are not only a great ornament to your garden. They can help to repel mosquitoes, black flies, aphids, and even rabbits. They have a distinct smell that these pests are simply not fans of. If you have a vegetable garden, plant them alongside to repel pests like the tomato horn worm.


Another beautiful addition to your garden, petunias have a lovely purple hue that adds a burst of color while helping to repel some of the pests that want a bite of your vegetables. Petunias can help to repel tomato hornworms, aphids, leafhoppers, squash bugs, and asparagus beetles. They require very little maintenance, so add them to into garden beds, hanging baskets, and containers.

Pitcher plants

If you’re serious about getting rid of unwanted pests, why not go for a plant that eats them? Pitcher plants are carnivorous, so they’ll make a nice lunch out of your afternoon flies. Their “pitcher” is a special leaf that attracts bugs. Once inside, the insect becomes trapped and drowns in a pool of water. After that, the pitcher plant digests it.


If you have an expansive garden, thyme is a great addition to help repel harmful pests like whiteflies, cabbage maggots and loopers, corn earworms, tomato hornworms, whiteflies, and small whites. As an added bonus, snip off a few leaves and throw them into your favorite recipe like roast chicken or corn chowder!

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