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The secret ways pests enter your home

To many insects and wildlife critters, your home is a refuge of warmth, food, and shelter where they can thrive and grow their families. Pests are sneaky and can gain access to your home in many non-obvious ways.  The smallest of holes are large enough for most household pests to fit through, for example, a mouse can squeeze through a 1/4 inch opening under a door or around a pipe that is not sealed.

Carpenter ants also can enter your residence through small openings, most commonly due to tree branches that are touching your house, which can result in thousands of dollars of wood damage. Bats and rodents often sneak through roof vents or open attic windows where they will nest and destroy any belongings in your attic.

Knowledge is power. The best remedy to pest problems is stopping them before they start. That’s why we created the below infographic “The Secret Ways Pests Enter Your Home.” Make sure the entry points illustrated are sealed off in your residence so you can avoid future infestations.

The secret ways pests can enter your home

To find out more about how to keep household pests out of your home or other preventative measures, contact Ehrlich online.

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