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There are over 150 vole species on the planet. Voles are rodents that sometimes get misidentified as another animal, like a ratgopher or mouse. They dig beneath the ground and create many runways and burrows, so they are also often confused with moles and other digging animals.

Voles are pests because of the damage they can cause to your yard. Though voles prefer to live in fields, there can be elements in your yard making it more attractive to them. If you need wildlife management, call the Ehrlich professionals for proper vole control. Contact us at 800-837-5520 or fill in our online form.


How to get rid of voles

Ehrlich specialists are experts in vole control. All of our specialists are trained to spot vole damage and find where the voles are hiding. Once located, your specialist will close up and remove any burrows in your yard to eliminate the voles’ home, and then they will provide you with ways to prevent them from returning.

Most vole issues usually resolve themselves through natural mortality and free-roaming predators such as foxes, hawks, owls, house cats, and feral cats. Trapping can control voles, but often is not very effective. However, as stated earlier, voles do breed rapidly, so it is best to get professional help to control a vole problem before it gets too large.

How to prevent voles

Voles rarely end up inside homes. That means that you are more likely to have to deal with them out in the garden, which can make vole control tricky. However, there are some things you can do to prevent voles from infesting your yard.

  • Removing debris and any unwanted vegetation. Voles will feed on these and use them for burrowing.
  • Keep your lawn trimmed.
  • Remove any weeds.
  • Surround trees with a steel mesh cylinder. Voles will go for the bark and roots of trees that they can get to underground. They are not climbers, so covering those areas with steel mesh or some kind of cylinder will cause them to move elsewhere.
  • Cultivate the soil around your garden frequently. This will destroy the runways and burrows.

Prevention is key in protecting your yard from voles since they are very prodigious breeders. They can have up to 10 litters a year that can span from five to 10 pups. Just a couple of voles can produce over 100 offspring in a short amount of time.

Ehrlich professionals are trained on the latest control methods to get rid of voles and on how to prevent them. If you think you have a vole infestation, call Ehrlich at 800-837-5520 or use the online form to set up an appointment.

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