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Skunk removal services

Famous for their foul-smelling spray and black-and-white color, skunks are one of the most common nuisance wildlife creatures for homeowners and businesses. The striped nocturnal animals are common in the United States in both urban and suburban areas.

When threatened, a skunk will spray people or pets with an oily liquid containing sulfur compounds, which are produced by two glands at the base of the tail. Skunks are also a serious public health threat. In the United States, they are second to the raccoon in the number of reported rabies cases among wildlife animals.

Due to the serious health risks of skunks, contact us right away if you notice you have a skunk on your property.


How to get rid of skunks

Skunks are mainly looking for food if they are on your property and they will eat just about anything. To get rid of skunks coming to your property, simply remove all of their food sources by keeping garbage can lids on tightly, covering pet food outside or keeping it indoors, and cleaning up after eating outside. If you have a garden, consider installing a small three-foot-high fence around it to keep the skunks away. Be sure to secure the fence about a foot deep into the ground as skunks are excellent diggers.

There are many situations where professional skunk removal services are necessary on a property. Skunks can spray accurately up to 20 feet, and the spray can be painful and can blind pets and people temporarily. It is highly recommended that skunk removal professionals are contacted quickly before a person or pet on the property is sprayed.

Skunk control service

Skunks are nocturnal, so it is very unlikely that you will see one during the day or find where it is hiding. If you notice any signs of skunks, such as the scent from their spray, contact your local Ehrlich office and a specialist will safely remove the skunk via our trapping services.


At Ehrlich, we use a bait and trapping method to trap the skunk humanely and remove it from your property safely. Skunks are live trapped with a cage trap that has a preventative layer on top to ensure no one gets sprayed. Baits are placed in front of the trigger, on the trigger, and behind the trigger to ensure the skunk goes completely inside the trap before it closes. The traps are placed as close to the area of activity as possible and must be checked daily (every 24 hours). Release or euthanization of skunks will vary from state to state.

In addition to trapping services, Ehrlich specialists are also trained to make recommendations to customers on how to prevent skunks from gaining access to their yard and property. All Ehrlich specialists performing skunk removal procedures are licensed to perform wildlife removal services and follow state and municipality regulations.

How to keep skunks away

Skunks will often dig along the edges of structures and take up residency beneath foundations, porches, decks, and sheds. Below are some tips to keep skunks away from your home:

  • Keep trash cans covered with tight-fitting lids and consider using a trash can with a lockable lid.
  • Place trash cans in an area that is not easily accessible for skunks to tip them over.
  • Keep pet food indoors, and if it has to be left outside, keep it covered with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Keep your grass cut short as skunks are attracted to the insects that live in taller grass.
  • Install a motion sensor light to deter skunks from your yard as they are afraid of bright lights.

If skunks have built a burrow on your property, a licensed Ehrlich specialist will employ baiting and trapping solutions that are both effective and humane to remove the skunk. Contact Ehrlich online or call 800-837-5520 to schedule a free inspection of your property by a specialist and receive a quote for skunk removal services.

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