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How to get rid of moles in your yard

Moles usually move into your yard from an adjacent wooded area. It’s unlikely that you will ever see moles as they rarely venture above ground, but the irritating evidence of their existence on your property (mole holes) is hard to miss. There are a few options when it comes to getting rid of moles, but the most effective way is to contact us for professional treatment.


How Ehrlich gets rid of moles

Although moles do not present a concern of transmitting diseases to humans or pets, professional mole removal is recommended if you've seen moles present in your yard. Mole populations can grow fast and a small mole problem can quickly get out of control.

How Ehrlich gets rid of moles


Baiting is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of moles in your yard. Here at Ehrlich, we utilize a multi-step baiting service to provide you with effective and complete mole removal.

At your first service for moles, your specialist will create holes in the tops of the mole tunnels and will mark them with a landscaping flag. After a few days, your specialist will return to see if any of the holes they created are closed. Any holes that have been closed represent an active tunnel, so bait will be placed in the tunnel to control the mole problem. Any holes that have not been closed represent an inactive tunnel, so your specialist will step on the entire tunnel to make it level with the ground.

These steps will be repeated until new tunnels stop appearing and the holes are no longer being closed by the mole(s). This process usually takes anywhere from three to six weeks depending on the level of activity.


Though there are a few different types of mole traps on the market, we do not usually recommend utilizing traps as your primary method for mole removal.

The first type of trap that can be used is a plunger-style trap, which is triggered when a mole pushes up on a depressed tunnel. The second type of trap is a scissor-style trap that is placed within an active mole tunnel and is triggered as the mole passes through the trap.

In most states, both of these types of traps do need to be checked every day, and since they are not species-specific, they can harm other wildlife.



There are many repellents that professional pest control companies can use. They range from ultrasonic devices to liquids to granular treatments. However, when treating moles, baiting and trapping are usually more successful in solving the problem than using a repellent.

Natural mole repellents

There are a few natural remedies that you can use to repel moles from your yard. These natural repellents will make your yard less appealing to them and will help create a barrier so they won’t waste any time hanging around your property.

Plants that repel moles

Planting specific types of flowers and plants throughout your landscaping will help create a natural barrier for moles. Moles do not like plants that have strong smells such as marigolds, daffodils, or anything from the allium family, so choosing to plant these in your garden or mulch beds will help to keep the moles out.

Plants that repel moles

Eliminate food sources

Food is a mole’s largest motivator so controlling their food source on your property is one of the most effective ways to get rid of them. You can reduce one of the main food sources of moles, earthworms, by removing any moss or weeds from your yard. Also, cutting your grass and performing regular garden maintenance will make your yard less attractive to moles and other pests like mice.

Eliminate food sources

DIY mole repellents

There are plenty of old DIY methods that people try to use to get rid of moles in their yards and gardens, but most of these have no scientific support. The methods below will not remove the moles for good, if at all, and will have to be done repeatedly.


Moles do not like to live in unfriendly environments so flooding their tunnels with water from a garden hose will certainly make your property a less appealing place to live. The thought behind this DIY mole repellent is that it will force the moles to find another yard to live in. Flooding mole tunnels will not kill them, but it may irritate them enough to relocate. This is a method that would have to be done on an ongoing basis and it will not fully eliminate your mole problem.


Castor oil and dish soap

You can create your own mole repellent with castor oil and dish soap. Pouring this mixture down the mole tunnels in your yard will not kill the moles, but it will make them sick. The castor oil and dish soap will cause digestive issues for the mole, and therefore will make living in your yard undesirable to them. This isn’t a foolproof method though, especially if you live in an urban area. Some moles may just put up with the side effects because they don’t have anywhere else to go.

Castor oil and dish soap

Juicy Fruit gum

Placing wrapped Juicy Fruit gum on top of a molehill is a common DIY mole repellent. The thought is that the mole will be attracted to the scent of the gum and therefore would eat the gum and its wrapper. The mole would then die because it won’t be able to digest the wrapper. However, moles are carnivores and are not interested in eating anything besides insects and grubs. Aside from being attracted to the Juicy Fruit scent, this method probably won’t work because there’s really no reason a mole would actually eat the gum.

Contact Ehrlich for professional mole removal

If you need to get rid of the moles on your property, Ehrlich has the expertise to help. Ehrlich offers effective mole trapping solutions that are both successful and humane. Our state-certified specialists understand the habits of moles enabling highly targeted treatments. 

If you would like professional help with your mole problem, talk to one of our helpful experts by calling 

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