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Gopher control and removal

Gophers (also referred to as pocket gophers) spend most of their lives underground, digging complex tunnel systems to protect themselves from predators like snakes and birds of prey. Gophers play a beneficial role in nature, as their constant tunneling increases soil fertility. However, when a significant population of gophers grows near man-made buildings, they can cause considerable damage to trees, gardens, and yards.

Ehrlich Pest Control specialists are wildlife management experts that offer both residential and commercial customers gopher control solutions. Schedule an inspection with a gopher removal specialist today to receive expert advice and a full explanation of your treatment options. 

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Signs of gophers in your yard

Distinguished by their big front teeth, gophers can become a nuisance to property owners, as they can cause damage to landscaping and gardens. Adult gophers can grow up to 14 inches tall and they will use their four large front teeth and enormous claws to dig mounds and tunnels throughout your yard.

Dirt mounds and tunnels

One of the clearest signs of gophers on your property is the mounds of fresh soil. These mounds are often shaped like crescents or horseshoes, whereas mole mounds are more circular. Gophers also do not create long surface runs, unlike moles.

Gophers are also master tunnel builders. A gopher tunnel can grow as big as 100 feet wide, and their tunnel systems are very complex, consisting of multiple tunnels and chambers. Gophers have a high reproductive rate and like to live alone in their tunnel systems.

Vegetation damage

Besides creating unsightly mounds in your lawn, gophers will damage plants and slice underground roots. Gophers can also damage rubber, plastic piping, and garden hoses.

How to get rid of gophers

Removing gophers from your property is a task that requires professional expertise and tools. Depending on the population size of the gophers on your property, your Ehrlich specialist will either use traps or burrow fumigation treatments to control them.


Trapping is effective in small populations, however, it is not recommended for reducing or eliminating a large population of gophers because of their complex burrow and tunnel systems. If traps are set, they are underground traps that eliminate the gopher humanely.

Burrow fumigation

Larger colonies may require burrow fumigation. Burrow fumigation treatments remove the gophers underground by filling the area with a lethal gas and then closing off all tunnels and exits.

Ehrlich Pest Control specialists receive the highest levels of wildlife management training in the industry. Our specialists are fully licensed and follow all federal and state wildlife management laws and regulations.

Can you prevent gophers from coming into your yard?

Gophers are more of a nuisance than anything and there are some DIY methods you can try to control them on your own. These remedies are not a sure fix to a gopher problem. If you have a serious infestation, contact us immediately. 

Here are some natural prevention tips, deterrents, and repellents that will help to keep gophers away from your yard. 

  • Create barriers around your garden or yard with a material like chicken wire. There are also options for barriers under the soil if you are planting a new lawn or garden.
  • Place wire mesh baskets around any individual plants you want to protect.
  • Plant flowers that gophers won’t eat, like daffodils, or herbs and greenery that repel gophers, like lavender and rosemary.
  • Use natural repellents like chili powder, castor oil, or peppermint oil in the gopher holes, placing the repellent in every hole.

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