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Raccoons are small, with gray fur, bushy black and gray striped tails, and the famous "black mask" across their eyes. They are known for their cleverness, often able to do things like lift roof shingles and remove lids from garbage cans. They are also very dexterous, with paws resembling five-fingered hands that allow them to open jars and even doorknobs.

Though some consider raccoons to be cute, they are wild animals that can cause damage to property, pets, and people. If they feel threatened, they defend themselves viciously, which is why it is always recommended to contact professionals to remove raccoons from your property.

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Signs of raccoons

Raccoon tracks, feces, and loud noises are all signs of a raccoon infestation. Below, we break down what these signs will look like in your home. If you notice any of these signs, contact us right away.


Raccoon tracks are the first sign of a raccoon issue. Their tracks resemble a human hand, but are much smaller, measuring less than four inches, and they have claws at the end of each finger. Raccoon tracks are often found in softer soil and around trees, building foundations, and garbage cans.


Raccoon droppings are dark in color and tubular-shaped with blunted ends. Raccoons usually designate a particular spot to leave their droppings, known as latrines. If you stumble upon a latrine in your home, chances are you have an infestation.


Raccoons make a multitude of unique sounds that range anywhere from high-pitched squeals and growls to purrs and whimpering. In addition to these vocal noises, raccoons will also make loud sounds while shuffling or scurrying through your attic looking for food.

How to get rid of raccoons

An Ehrlich specialist can remove the raccoon on your property so it doesn’t cause any damage. Your specialist will use both trapping and exclusion methods to control the raccoon and ensure it won’t return.


A trapping-only method will be used to remove the raccoon if it is being a nuisance on your property, doing things such as turning over your trash cans. Trapping and exclusion methods will both be performed if the raccoon is inside your home.


Exclusion methods, in combination with trapping services, will be used to remove a raccoon from your property and prevent any from coming back. Exclusion involves closing off entry points in your home that may allow a raccoon to get indoors.

How to keep raccoons away

The best way to stop raccoons from getting on your property is to prevent them from wanting to come there. Having a motion-activated light on your property can help as raccoons have sensitive eyes, and bright lights and loud sounds often scare them away. Here are some other prevention methods to keep raccoons away.


Keeping your property clean of anything that may attract raccoons is essential to preventing them. Be sure to keep any food indoors. If you have pets that are outdoor animals, try to keep their food in a secure location. Any accessible food source is likely to bring your pets and raccoons into close proximity with each other.

Remove vegetation and access points

You should inspect your home, particularly the roof and access to the attic, regularly. If there are holes or loose shingles, get them repaired as soon as possible. Raccoons will pry off roof shingles to seek shelter and will take advantage of any holes to gain access indoors.

Also, clean up any vegetation around your home and put up a fence around your garden. Given that raccoons like to dig for grubs, beetles, and other insects, they might dig up your garden and eat any plants, vegetables, or fruit that you are growing.

Lock garbage cans

Raccoons will also open garbage cans and dig into containers to get food. Keep a secured lid on your garbage container. You can also lock your garbage can with a bungee cord or purchase a garbage can that has a built-in lockable lid.

Ehrlich raccoon removal services

As your local pest control experts, Ehrlich understands the stress and frustration that a raccoon infestation can cause. All Ehrlich specialists providing raccoon removal services are individually licensed to perform wildlife trapping as required by state law.

Experiencing problems with raccoons? Call Ehrlich today at 800-837-5520 or contact us online to set up a free inspection of your home or business.

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