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Vole control

Voles are rodents that many times get confused with other animals. They are often confused with things like rats, gophers and mice. In fact, they are often called field mice because of their tendency to choose fields in which to live. They are known to burrow beneath the ground and create numerous runways and burrows and that often confuses them with moles and other digging animals.

Voles, with their tendency to burrow, creating holes all over the yard, and their appetites for things growing in your garden, they are known as pests. That means if you have a vole control problem you should call in the Ehrlich professionals at 1-800-837-5520 or fill in our online form.

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What is a vole?

Voles are part of the order rodentia. They are usually brown or gray in color with short noses, big ears, small hands and paws and long hairy tails.

They closely resemble mice, but their bodies are much more stout and their tail is generally covered with hair. Their heads are more rounded in shape than that of a mouse and their ears and eyes are smaller. Their teeth also differ from that of a mouse with the molars differing in shape and makeup than that of a mouse.

Voles grow to be about 3-9 inches in length. There are as many as 150 species of vole on the planet.  

Voles are also very prodigious breeders and can have up to 10 litters a year and can number from 5 to 10 pups. Just a couple of voles can produce over 100 offspring in a short amount of time.

What do voles eat?

Voles are usually herbivores, preferring to eat plants, roots and bark. That's where they end up doing the most damage - to gardens and crops. They will eat plants, seeds, grains, nuts and fruit. They are also opportunistic and will eat dead mice and other rodents. Voles prefer to chew at the roots of these plants, so if you see dead and drooping plants around your garden, you might have voles.

Voles burrow underground to find food and will devour bulbs in your garden. They also are known to damage trees like almond, apple, avocado, cherry, citrus and olive. They do this by gnawing on the bark located low to the ground or devouring the roots.

Vole damage

One of the first indicators that you have a vole problem might be seeing the burrows on your lawn or yard. They create very short burrows, but they connect them to each other via runways. This creates a kind of network of tunnels spread out across the lawn and yard.

That kind of damage can destroy a yard and lawn. The other damage is to that of the plants that they devour regularly. You will also see severe damage to certain trees because of the bark that they chew off, exposing the interior of the tree and causing it to die.

How to get rid of voles

Voles very rarely end up inside homes. That means that you are more likely to have to deal with them out in the garden, which makes vole control very tricky. However, there are some things you can do to try and prevent voles from infesting your yard. These include:

  • Removing debris and any unwanted vegetation. Voles will feed on these and use them for burrowing, so remove them.

  • Keep grass trim and remove weeds.

  • Surround trees with a steel mesh cylinder. The voles will go for the bark and the roots that they can get to underground. They are not climbers, so covering those areas with steel mesh or some kind of cylinder will cause them to move elsewhere.

  • Cultivate the soil around your garden frequently. This will destroy the runways and burrows.

There are other methods that can help prevent voles from finding your home, lawn and garden attractive to them. This is the best way of dealing with them as voles are very hard to trap.

Ehrlich vole removal services

Ehrlich technicians are trained to spot the damage done by voles and find out where they are hiding. We can remove the burrows and find the voles that have set up their home in your garden. We will remove them and then work with you to discuss ways of preventing them from returning. We are experts in wildlife management solutions.

Ehrlich professionals are trained in the latest methods of vole removal and prevention. The first step, if you think you have a vole infestation, is to call Ehrlich at 1-800-837-5520 or use the online form to find a local professional and set up an appointment.

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