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Famous for their foul-smelling spray and black-and-white color, skunks are one of the most common nuisance wildlife creatures for homeowners and businesses. The striped or spotted nocturnal animals are common in the United States in both urban and suburban areas. There are many situations where professional skunk removal services are necessary on a property.

Below are a few of the problems skunks can cause:

  • Spray people and pets - When feeling threatened, a skunk will spray people or pets with an oily liquid containing sulfur compounds which is produced by 2 glands at the base of the tail. Skunks are capable of spraying accurately up to 20 feet. The spray can be painful and blind pets and people temporarily.

  • Carry rabies - Skunks are also a serious public health threat. In the U.S., they are second to the raccoon in the number of reported rabies cases among wildlife animals. In some parts of the U.S., the skunk is the predominant animal associated with rabies.

  • Inhabit structures - Skunks will often dig along the edges of structures and take up residency beneath foundations, porches, decks, and sheds. Oftentimes, people don’t realize that skunks are living on their property until their dog or cat has a confrontation with the skunk and enters the home covered in the pungent skunk scent.

  • Damage lawns - Skunks are known to tear up lawns and landscaping as they dig for insect larvae.

  • Raid gardens - Ungated gardens are commonly raided by skunks for fruits and vegetables.

  • Damage beehives - Skunks will feed on both adult and larval bees.

Ehrlich’s skunk removal services

Contact Ehrlich online or call 1-800-837-5520 to schedule a free inspection of your property by a technician and receive a quote for skunk removal services. If skunks have built a burrow on your property, a licensed technician will employ baiting and trapping solutions that are both effective and humane to remove the animals.

All Ehrlich Technicians performing skunk removal procedures are licensed to perform wildlife removal services and follow state and municipality regulations. In addition to trapping services, Ehrlich Technicians are also trained to make recommendations to customers on how to prevent skunks from gaining access to their yard and property.

When wildlife animals like skunks or squirrels get into homes, it can be a very stressful experience. These animals can quickly create a big mess, and can also carry a host of diseases. It is highly recommend that skunk removal professionals are contacted quickly before a person or pet on the property is sprayed.

As your local pest control experts, Ehrlich Technicians take pride in providing customers with total peace of mind when it comes to protecting their property from pests and nuisance wildlife.



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