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Gopher control services

Distinguished by their big front teeth, gophers can become a nuisance to property owners as they are known to damage landscaping and gardens. 

Gophers (also referred to as pocket gophers) spend most their lives underground, digging complex tunnel systems to protect themselves from predators like snakes and birds of prey. In general, gophers play a beneficial role in nature. Their constant tunneling increases soil fertility. 

However, when a significant population of gophers grows near man-made buildings they can cause considerable damage to trees, gardens and yards. 

Ehrlich Pest Control Technicians are wildlife management experts that offer both residential and commercial customers gopher control solutions. Schedule an inspection with a gopher removal specialist today to receive expert advice and a full explanation of your treatment options. 

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Gopher facts

  • Appearance - Adult gophers grow to 5-14 inches and their fur is brown in color. Gophers use their four large front teeth and large claws to dig tunnels. Gophers can weigh up to 20 ounces, have whiskers and small eyes.  

  • What Do Gophers Eat? - Gophers primarily feed on foliage, roots, grasses and tree bark. They will also eat insects like earthworms and grubs. 

  • Breeding - The gestation period of gophers last 18-51 days. Gopher litters range from 1-10 young but most often 3-4 young. Breeding season can vary by species. The young are born blind and are weaned for 4-5 weeks. 

  • Gopher Mounds - One of the clearest signs of gophers on your property is the presence of mounds of fresh soil. They are often shaped like crescents or horseshoes. Mole mounds tend to be more circular. Gophers also do NOT create long surface runs unlike moles. 

  • Gopher Tunnels - Gophers are master tunnel builders. A gopher tunnel can grow as big as 100 feet wide and contain many complex tunnels and pathways. Gophers tend live alone in their tunnel systems. 

  • Damage - Besides creating unsightly mounds in your lawn, gophers will damage plants and sever underground roots. Gophers are also known to damage rubber and plastic piping and hoses. 

Gopher removal professionals

Removing gophers from your property is a task that requires professional expertise and tools. Ehrlich Pest Control Technicians receive the highest levels of wildlife management training in the industry.

When you schedule an inspection with an Ehrlich gopher control expert, you can expect honest advice and proven solutions that will rid your property of pocket gophers. Ehrlich Technicians are fully licensed and closely follow all federal and state wildlife management laws and regulations.  

Skip the stress and worry by relying on the professionals at your local Ehrlich Pest Control office. Call 1-800-837-5520 or contact us online to schedule a free inspection. 



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