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What do flies eat and drink?

Understanding what flies eat is one way to prevent a fly infestation. In general, flies are attracted to organic decaying material. The most common flies home and business owners have issues with are house fliesfruit fliesblow/bottle flies

It’s important to know what flies eat so you can remove conditions that are conducive to fly infestations. By properly storing and disposing of food and cleaning the areas where food is consumed or prepared, you can greatly reduce the likelihood and severity of a fly infestation. It’s a simple step that makes a big difference.

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Feeding habits of flies

Adult flies feed and harvest their larvae on organic decaying material. This includes, fruit, vegetables, meat, animal, plant secretions and human feces. Both male and female flies suck nectar from flowers as well. 

Flies are most active when it is warm, for this is when their larvae are most likely to hatch. They are attracted to buildings because of the heat and odors they may emit.

What do house flies eat?

House flies are general feeders, which mean they will eat everything from food to animal and human fecal matter. Because of their sponging mouths, they only feed on liquids, which means they must liquefy food through regurgitation. They are attracted to a variety of substances such as:

  • Overripe fruit and vegetables
  •  Animal feces 
  • Sugary substances

What do fruit flies eat?

Fruit Flies are attracted to fermented food and liquid sources, which is why they are so common in homes and the food industry. Fruit flies search for foods such as: 

  • Liquids: beer, wine, cider, vinegar 
  • Fruits such as bananas, grapes, peaches, pineapples, tomatoes, mustard pickles, potatoes, onions, etc. 
  • Sugary substances, like candy

What do blow flies eat?

Blow/bottle flies are fairly large flies with metallic blue, green, bronze or black sheen. They are infamously known for burrowing themselves into their food, which is where they develop. They are usually the first insects to arrive after an animal dies. These flies prefer: 

  • Fresh or decaying meat
  •  Animal carcasses 

For more information on how to get rid of flies, here are some tips on how to keep flies away from your home or business.

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