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House Fly Control

House flies (Musca domestica) are one of the most commonly encountered pests indoors in the United States. Belonging to the Muscidae family of flies, house flies are of particular concern to humans as they have been found to harbor more that 100 pathogenic organisms. 

Some diseases that house flies are suspected of spreading to humans include salmonellosis, dysentery, cholera, diarrhea, typhoid fever and many more. 

Similar in appearance to other types of flies like flesh flies and cluster flies, house flies can be identified by the four narrow black stripes found on the thorax (part between neck and abdomen).

House flies regurgitate saliva onto solid foods to effectively liquefy the material, and then they use their sponging mouth parts to ingest their meal. When a fly lands or rests on a surface, it defecates and regurgitates on it. It’s this feature, along with their many body hairs which trap and carry bacteria that make them well adapted for mechanically transmitting disease.

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How to get rid of house flies

When house flies have infested a property, it is important to act fast. A female house fly can lay as many as 900 eggs in their lifetime. While we recommend contacting pest control professionals for effective solutions, there are a number of ongoing activities you can perform to get rid of house flies and keep them from returning. 

  • Clean Up Discarded Food - House flies are attracted to human food. Be sure to clean up around your home or commercial space and throw away discarded food into covered trash cans lined with plastic bags. 

  • Clean Up After Pets - Animal feces is a known attractant of house flies. Be sure to clean up after pets in the area surrounding your property. Also, house flies are attracted to pet food so remember to make sure no leftover pet food is left out for long periods of time. 

  • Keep Garbage Covered - It is important to keep your garbage bins fully covered as odors and decaying food will attract house flies. 

Professional house fly control

Since our founding over 85 years ago, Ehrlich Technicians have helped thousands of customers eliminate fly infestations. When you contact your local Ehrlich office, a Technician will be scheduled to inspect your property. 

Ehrlich Technicians are trained to identify house fly breeding sites and entry points around your property such as broken window screens, damaged vents, etc. so that infestations can be stopped at the source. 

Prior to applying a treatment, your Technician will make sanitation recommendations around your property that could be contributing to the infestation. After successfully identifying the infesting species is indeed house flies, the Technician will recommend a house fly control treatment plan.

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How to keep flies away

There are a few things you can do to keep flies away.