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Food processing

We understand that you have zero tolerance for pests.

Food brands are in the public eye. Numerous incidents of food poisoning and animal diseases that make the news headlines have resulted in increased public awareness of food quality and safety. There is no hiding place.

Ehrlich's unrivalled reputation for safe and effective food processing pest control means that we understand the importance of protecting a good brand. 

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Ehrlich is your undisputed Brand Defender.


Pest management solutions for food & beverage processing plants

At Ehrlich, we have an expert team devoted to our food processing clients. They are High Dependency Technicians, Field Biologists, QA Managers and Technical Managers who are experts in, and devoted to, the food processing sector. 

Our accumulated knowledge of maintaining the levels of protection required by our clients means that our skills, expertise and solutions are unmatched across the country and the world. Specialized services Ehrlich offers food processors, includes commodity fumigation, vegetation management and our drain-line bioremediation service.

Ants: America's #1 nuisance pest

According to the National Pest Management Association, ants are America's #1 nuisance pest. Be prepared for ant infestations this spring and summer by contacting your local ant control experts at Ehrlich for help.

About Ehrlich

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PestNetOnline high dependency

Our unique online reporting and auditing tool, PestNetOnline, gives you complete control over your audits: access to all pest control records and activity, across all of your sites

Why Ehrlich?

Ehrlich invests heavily in a highly experienced and knowledgeable team right across the country. Our nationwide coverage means we’re always local to you and understand your local requirements.

We’ve been there for our food processing clients through the many regulatory changes the industry has undergone through the years. Our expertise ensures you reduce the risk of damage and contamination of your food products.

Reporting choices to suit you

With every visit from an Ehrlich technician, you’ll receive observations, notes of treatment and recommended action. You have the option to keep this information in hard copy on your premises or have access to it 24/7 online via our unique PestNetOnline portal. Either way, you have the right information to hand whenever it’s needed.

Food legislation

How food hygiene legislation impacts businesses handling food

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