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Signs of a fly infestation

Noticing a few noisy flies in your house or your business may not mean you have an infestation. However, it should act as a warning sign to take some preventative action.

Common signs

  • Small dark clusters of spots (the size of a pinhead) – Look in light fittings, upper areas of the room and wall surfaces. Check areas that are difficult to clean thoroughly such as drainage channels, drains and sub-floor cavities where the contents of broken drains may be accumulating. Areas around sinks and below damaged floor tiling should also be monitored.
  • Regular sighting of flies – large number of flies buzzing around refuse areas and the base of garbage bins or other waste containers may indicate a more serious problem. Check anywhere that water pools including in guttering, rainwater barrels, tires or old machinery. Waterlogged pot plants may also attract flies.
  • Maggots – these are flies in their larval stage and could indicate a potential breeding site on your property. You may discover maggots in waste areas and deteriorating food.

What do flies look like?

House fly adults are about ⅛ to ¼ inches long (females are typically bigger than males) and dull gray in color. Their faces have two stripes. The middle part of their body has four narrow black stripes.

Fruit fly adults are about ⅛ inches in length and dull-colored (the middle part of the body is sometimes dark brown-spotted). Their eyes are typically bright red but can be dark red-brown.

Learn more about other fly species and what they look like.

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