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Rodent removal services

Determining what kind of rodent has entered your property is a major step in figuring out how to remove them. Since rodents can squeeze into the tightest of spaces, enter buildings through holes no wider than a pencil, pose potential health risks, and cause costly damage to property, calling in the professionals at Ehrlich for rodent control services is crucial. We will find their hiding spots and eliminate the problem.

Professional rodent inspection

The first step of removal is to contact us for an inspection. We will ask you what kind of rodent problem you believe you are having. Have you noticed droppings, holes in walls, or smudge marks along the walls? Have you heard the sounds of gnawing? Are you finding chew marks on products or through bags of food in your kitchen or other areas?

Ehrlich Pest Control specialists will listen to you and inspect the places where you have seen signs of rodents. They will use their knowledge and training to find the places where rodents are nesting or hiding, even if it means crawling under a house or into tight spaces in the attic. Once a thorough rodent inspection has been done, we will discuss removal and treatment options.

Rodent infestation removal

After inspection, Ehrlich Pest Control specialists will discuss with you the best way to remove rodents from your property. We incorporate an integrated pest management (IPM) approach in our rodent removal services, designed to provide effective and environmentally-friendly rodent control and management solutions. We offer treatments from exclusion to bait stations and repellants to vegetation management.

  • Exclusion - Exclusion involves sealing cracks, gaps, holes, and crevices to stop rodents from entering your building.
  • Bait stations - Bait stations will be used to trap rodents on your property.
  • Vegetation management - Our vegetation management service (VMS) will eliminate weeds or unwanted plants that serve as harbors for rodents.

Our specialists will make sure you understand the key places we identify as easy access points for rodents and will offer advice to help you prevent rodents from returning. We will also work with you to schedule follow-up visits to make sure the rodent infestation is gone and the methods used are working properly.

Contact Ehrlich Pest Control for rodents

The specialists at Ehrlich have decades of experience in removing rodents from properties of all sizes, both commercial and residential. To make sure your rodent infestation is eliminated and to ensure that the most effective removal and prevention program is implemented on your property, contact the experts at Ehrlich today. Get in touch with your local Ehrlich Pest Control office today.

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