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DIY rodent control and trapping

Though there are many DIY rodent control options, it is always best to work with a professional pest control provider, like Ehrlich, to completely eliminate a rodent problem. Both mice and rats breed quickly, and if not controlled properly, one rodent can result in an infestation leaving you with a lot of damage and expensive repairs to your home.

However, if you want to try DIY rodent control by making your own rodent traps, we laid out some important rodent control tips to follow. Keep in mind that DIY rodent traps will only eliminate the rodents for a short period of time and will not completely control your mouse or rat problem if you have an infestation.



How to DIY rodent control

Where to set up rodent traps

Rodents follow the perimeter of a room, so set your DIY rodent traps perpendicular to your walls, with the baited end flush against the wall. We should also note that you can never have too many traps – just follow our second step to make sure they are set up properly!

How to set up rodent traps

You will want to set up your traps at least six inches apart from each other. Make sure you leave enough space in between the traps so that if one goes off, it doesn't trigger another. If possible, tie the traps down so an injured mouse or rat cannot run off with the trap.

Baiting rodent traps

It is recommended to bait the traps with a tiny amount of bait that won’t spoil, such as dry pet food. Applying a pea-sized amount of your bait will help to prevent the rodents from just nibbling at it. Avoid using poison as bait as this will result in rodents dying in your walls where they'll emit an unpleasant odor.

Get rid of rodents with Ehrlich

If your DIY rodent control isn’t working, contact us! Our Technicians understand the habits of all mice and rat species, making it easier to find where they are nesting. Knowing and understanding rodent behaviors is crucial to effectively controlling an infestation.

To get rid of the rodents in your home, an Ehrlich Technician will use a combination of rodent exclusion techniques and control methods. Your Technician will perform a full inspection of your home – both inside and out – finding where the rodents are entering your home and then putting a plan in place to eliminate them and prevent them from returning.

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