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Our Integrated Pest Management Approach

Ehrlich’s integrated pest management practices are rooted in monitoring, prevention, and maintenance. This approach enables us to halt pest problems before they ever reach your home.

Our pest specialists will get to know you, your family (including your pets!), and your home, understand your needs, and continuously monitor both the interior and exterior of your home to identify practical steps that can be taken to eliminate and control pest problems. We will work with you to develop treatment plans that suit your family and your lifestyle.

At each pestfree365 service visit throughout the year, your pest specialist will follow the steps outlined below to keep your home pest-free.

Prior Service

Review findings, service actions, and treatments performed at the prior pestfree365 visit.

Current Service

Ask about pest concerns, perform inspection and treatment, and review what was done.

Next Service Discuss

what will happen during your next pestfree365 visit and schedule your next service.

Our recommendation for continued #PestFreeLiving

Your Ehrlich pest specialist is on constant watch for factors that could impact pest activity. During your service visits, your pest specialist may recommend preventative maintenance steps to deter or exclude pests from your home. Many of these recommendations also have added benefits for your home, including potential reduction of energy costs.