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Clover mites: What you need to know

They do not bite, and are not harmful to animals or humans but the large numbers that invade homes and businesses without a doubt make clover mites a “nuisance pest.” These reddish-brown creatures are most closely related to ticks and spiders but are true MITES, not insects. They are tiny in size, no bigger than a pinhead and appear by the thousands in the spring and early fall months. 

A few of these mites may be manageable but once an infestation occurs they can be extremely difficult to remove from a home or business. Ehrlich has dealt with clover mite issues of all kinds and knows exactly how to make sure these pests are eliminated from your home and stay far away from your property. For assistance with clover mites call us at 888-984-0186.

Clover Mites

Clover mite infestation

Because our lawns are so close to our homes with no real barriers, these little pests can reach your home before you realize they are even there. Since they are so tiny, the smallest opening will allow them access to homes and businesses. They are usually found in large numbers on the sunny side of the structure, gathered together on siding, bricks and around outside window ledges. When inside houses or businesses, they will be gathered in the same huge numbers on window sills, windows, and walls. 

What do clover mites eat?

Clover mites feed on clover (hence their name), grass lawns, plants, and weeds. They get their nutrition from sucking on the juice that is inside of these plants. Large populations are able to turn areas of a lawn brown and extremely damaged foliage usually turns yellow or brown and then wilts. The damage can sometimes be mistaken for winter kill.

Clover mites vs bed bugs

Although the two do not have similar appearances, the red stain clover mites leave after they are crushed looks strikingly similar to the blood spots bed bugs leave behind on a bed. However, clover mites are usually not found hanging around beds. As mentioned earlier they stick to walls and window sills. 

Clover mite

Do clover mites bite?

Clover mites do not bite humans or cause any health-related problems like their close cousin the dust mite. However, they can cause mild skin irritation for those who are allergic.

Are clover mites harmful?

As mentioned previously clover mites do not pose any serious risks for humans. However, during the fall season, after the plants they feed on start to perish from the cold, they will invade homes in large quantities, causing quite the frustration among homeowners. 

When clover mites are crushed they will leave behind a red stain that will show up on especially light materials such as rugs, curtains, and pillows. This is why it is recommended that the mites are vacuumed up rather than squished. 

Red Clover Mite

How to get rid of clover mites

Because these little red devils invade in significant numbers, an infestation happens quickly and they are difficult to evict. Serving notice to them on your own as the ‘do it yourself-er’ is rarely successful. These mighty little mites may require a professional to serve up the correct cocktail to discourage them from continuing their residency at your property. The most effective treatment is done from the outside of the structure, which is where the problem started in the first place. 

Clover mites prevention

Prevention is the key to controlling large populations of clover mites. Clover mites feed on clover, grass lawns, plants and weeds. Removing any thick vegetation in an 18 to 24-inch band around the perimeter of your home will discourage them from entering your home. It will also make way for an easily accessible and treatable area. Clover mites thrive in well-fertilized soil, so be careful not to over-fertilize your lawn or any ornamental plant areas of your yard. Additionally, any cracks in windows or holes in your home’s foundation should be sealed up to limit access for these tiny pests. 

Clover mites treatment

While clover mites fall into the category of “occasional invader,” meaning they are not a long term issue, thousands of these little critters in your home can frighten and overwhelm you. 

Ehrlich pest specialists will approach the issue without fear, first addressing the magnitude of the infestation and then finding a solution that will effectively remove the pests from your home. If you have noticed an alarming amount of clover mites in or around your business or home, contact your local Ehrlich specialist today.

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