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Are spiders considered good luck?

red knee tarantula

There are over 40,000 species of spiders worldwide, with approximately 3700 of those species occurring in North America.  Of these 3700 species of spiders, only a very small amount will find their way into homes and human structures. And from these, an even smaller proportion will attract the attention of home and business owners enough to seek out pest control.

Logically speaking spiders should be considered the good guys of the arthropod world, because they are not destructive, do not spread disease, do not create allergens, and they eat insects!  However, despite these positive attributes, spiders are not highly regarded in the U.S. Though little more than a nuisance pest, spiders are generally considered unacceptable to share a living and work space with.  Oftentimes spiders evoke more psychological damage than anything else.  People’s dislike for spiders can range from being creeped out, to an irrational psychological fear, called arachnophobia.

In contrast to the popular opinion of Americans, worldwide, spiders are often embraced as benign or even beneficial creatures.  In many cultures, spiders are symbols of good luck or money, and are represented in various art forms such as paintings, poetry and children’s rhymes.  In some parts of the modern day world, such as in Cambodia, cooked tarantula spiders are considered a delicacy.

While we may not be able to fully appreciate the culinary benefit provided by spiders, here are some other perks associated with spiders.  At present, possible medical uses for spider venoms are being investigated for the treatment of conditions such as strokes and Alzheimer’s disease.  Also, scientists are currently working with spider venoms as an alternative to conventional pesticides.

Despite all of the positive attributes associated with spiders, professional spider control is sometimes warranted for several reasons.  First, people are generally creeped out by spiders, making spider presence unacceptable in a living or work space.

Second, spider webs can be unsightly, especially when clustered around lights and windows of buildings.  Think about a business owner who wants to make a good impression on their customers. Spider webs around store front windows and entrance doors do not generally make a favorable impression.

And finally, the third reason for spider control is safety.  Although most spiders do not bite, there are a small few that will and their venom can make a person ill or leave them with a problematic bite wound.  Treatment programs for spiders reduce the potential for being bitten.

If you have any questions about spiders, feel free post it in the comments below! 

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