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Ant control

Ants can be a particular nuisance when they get into your home. Garden or black house ants aren’t known to carry diseases, but you still don’t want them around. You don’t know where they’ve been, so you won’t want them marching through your food cupboards. Ants will travel a wide range searching for food, following trails they have established and clustering around the source of food, becoming a nuisance in homes, organizations, and businesses.

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Ehrlich’s ant control service

There are several treatment options available for property owners to get rid of ants. Selecting the most effective treatment options will depend on the species of ant and the size of the infestation. Your treatment plan can also depend on whether or not the infestation is indoors or outdoors and if the property is a business or a home.

Ant removal is a very specific process and Ehrlich specialists know how to get rid of ants around or inside a home or building. Your best bet is to contact your local Ehrlich office and get a free property inspection. Let our experts figure out which species of ant is causing the problem and then our specialists will discuss treatment and ant prevention problems with you.

Carpenter ant removal

Carpenter ants are among the largest and most difficult to control ants that commonly invade properties. The fast-spreading ants are often found traveling via structural guidelines such as water hoses, downspouts, and anything on the building's exterior that has corners or edges.

The ant control process begins with the technician identifying all carpenter ant satellite colonies and nests. Although various baits and bait formulations are available, the primary methods for carpenter ant control are nest and barrier treatments. Perimeter treatments are also often commonly applied to the exterior of the structure.

Odorous house ants

Odorous house ants are very common and found throughout the United States. If an infestation of odorous house ants is identified in a property, the technician will track the ants by their trails to the nest. Odorous house ant nests are almost always located outdoors. These tiny insects will travel great distances indoors to find food and water for the colony.

Treatment will be applied to the ant colony’s trails and nest(s). To ensure that no new trails are established after the initial treatment, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled 7-10 days later.

Red imported fire ants

The red imported fire ant has been a nuisance to homeowners in southern states like Florida and South Carolina. This species of ant is native to South America and is known to readily sting humans in large numbers. Fire ants build large mounds on top of the soil and when these mounds are disturbed, ants will emerge and will begin to crawl over anyone or anything unlucky enough to be nearby.

The most common solution for red imported fire ants is a treatment application near the mounds. The ants will feed on the bait and return it to the colony. Once the bait kills the queen fire ant, the colony will collapse. We recommend that red imported fire ant treatments are conducted early on in the spring to decrease the likelihood of major infestations.

Ant exterminator costs

The costs of ant extermination are dependent upon a number of circumstances, but the sooner you begin treatment, the better. Ant infestations grow quickly and are much easier to treat before they get too large. Your Ehrlich pest specialist will create a unique treatment plan around the requirements of your property, the type of ant species, and the size of the infestation, offering the best course of action moving forward.

Ant control services near you

For the past 90+ years, Ehrlich has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in controlling all ant species throughout the eastern United States. We carefully combine this knowledge with our understanding of seasonal pest trends and local pest pressures. Our highly-trained, local service specialists strive to provide you with the best possible ant control tailored to your needs.

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