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How long do cockroaches live?

Cockroaches are one of the most common types of pests throughout the world. They love to eat whatever they can find and have no problem eating human food or rooting through garbage piles and cans to find something to snack on. Roaches are also clever enough to get inside a home or building through even the tiniest opening, where they quickly start reproducing at an alarming rate, leading to a cockroach infestation in a matter of weeks. But, how long do cockroaches live?

If one cockroach gets inside, how long will it live within your home? Ehrlich Pest Control specialists know all about cockroaches, including how long they live.

DIY cockroach removal methods that may not be as effective or thorough as those used by professionals. To truly get rid of a cockroach infestation, you should get in touch with a cockroach control specialist, such as Ehrlich Pest Control. Contact a local Ehrlich Pest Control office today.

Cockroach lifespan

On average, an American cockroach will live about one year. It will be able to reproduce, create more eggs and generate more and more cockroaches to infest whatever structure they are in. As long as there is shelter and food, cockroaches can comfortably live in a home or business for years, creating massive infestations.

There are a lot of things which can determine the lifespan of a cockroach, including:

  • Breed - Different species of cockroach live in different environments and have different lifespans.
  • Diet - What cockroaches feed upon can determine the lifespan of the average cockroach.
  • Environment - Cockroaches are adaptable, but not indestructible. They need a favorable environment to reproduce. This includes the right temperatures and easy access to food. Cockroaches live where they can hide and thrive in homes and businesses where they can keep hidden away from people.


Cockroach life cycle

The key to understanding how long a cockroach lives is understanding its life cycle. Cockroaches, like most insects, go through several instars, or life stages. In each case the roaches look a little different and the process moves very fast.


When cockroaches mate, it only takes three to seven days before the female lays eggs. The female cockroach produces an egg casing known as an ootheca. The female uses her saliva to adhere this egg case to a surface, hidden away somewhere. More than likely, you won’t be able to find the ootheca and the cockroach eggs unless you know specifically where to look. There can be more than a dozen eggs, each containing a cockroach larva inside of it. The cockroach eggs will be hidden away, much like the cockroaches themselves. Cockroaches are adept at hiding their eggs and their young, tucked away under sinks, within pantries. Sometimes the ootheca and eggs are so small you may overlook them if you even see them. It takes professional eyes to know what cockroach eggs look like and how to find them.


While the eggs gestate and the larva inside grow, it takes nearly a month for the eggs to hatch. These larvae are known as nymphs. The young cockroaches will go through several more stages, molting (shedding their skin) and growing larger and larger until they start to look like the cockroach as you know it. You may not even realize you have cockroaches by looking at the larva. Cockroach larva can vary in appearance based upon the species and they may not just look like tiny version of the adult cockroaches. Cockroach nymphs can be hard to spot and identify which is why professionals are trained to know the difference between cockroach nymphs and other insect larva.

Ehrlich Pest Control cockroach solutions

Ehrlich Pest Control specialists know how to shorten the lifespan of the cockroach. Our specialists are trained on the most common species of cockroach so they know specifically which kind is infesting your home or place of business. Ehrlich specialists know which type hide in various locations. Our trained specialists also understand the structure of buildings to determine how cockroaches are getting inside and where they are most likely to hide.

Ehrlich Pest Control will help you get rid of cockroaches around your home and property. We also offer solutions to make sure the roaches stay away once they’re gone. Contact your local Ehrlich Pest Control office today!


Once the cockroach reaches adulthood, it will have wings and antennae. It will also be ready to mate and reproduce. Cockroaches may vary based upon the species of roach you have inside your home. However, common cockroaches such as German roaches, Oriental roaches and other cockroaches are pretty conventional looking and like most roaches you’ve seen. However, remember, if you see a couple of cockroaches across the kitchen floor, there may be others hidden away somewhere.

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