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Museums and antiquities

Museum pests can destroy valuable artworks and antiques. We understand that you need specialist care.

Ehrlich Pest Control has been protecting our cultural heritage ever since our founding more than 85 years ago.

Museums, art galleries and antique specialists are vulnerable to a wide range of pest problems:

  • Artwork, books, textiles and other soft organic matter are vulnerable to moths, booklice and textile pests.
  • Rats and mice will gnaw wood and other hard objects and will shred textiles and soft materials for nesting.
  • Furniture and other wooden objects are at risk from beetles.
  • Wooden church lecterns and pews are also very susceptible to wood boring beetles.


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Ehrlich’s pest control solutions for museum pests

We offer the expertise to protect and conserve antiquities from pest problems. Using specialist products and techniques, we can ensure minimal risk of damage to even delicate items or relics in your museum, gallery or historic building.

Why Ehrlich?

Ehrlich invests heavily in a highly experienced and knowledgeable team to maintain ‘zero tolerance’ pest control standards for your museum, art gallery or antique store. Our Technicians, Field Biologists, quality assurance teams and Technical Managers are experts in pest identification and control, ensuring that we provide solutions that are safe for your environment and effective in getting rid of the pests.

Rest assured, Ehrlich understands that pests can cause havoc in a museum, gallery or shop if left untreated and the need for an urgent response and effective solutions.

Specialist bird control

Our range of professional services for bird pests will protect your public areas from damage and defacing.

Why Ehrlich?

We’ve been protecting U.S. homes and businesses from pests for over 85 years. Our pest specialists are the best you’ll find across the country with unsurpassed knowledge of pest trends and treatment techniques.