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What to look for in a rat control professional

When you find out your home or business has a rat infestation, the best thing to do is get rid of it as quickly as possible. There are a lot of DIY methods on the market, of course, but missing a couple of rats can lead to a full re-infestation. This is why hiring an experienced rat exterminator who can offer comprehensive rat control and prevention is so crucial.

What do you do to find the best pest control company to get rid of rats and prevent them from coming back? There are a number of things to consider before making the right choice for your home and business, but what are they?

In this article, Ehrlich takes a look at the key things to consider when choosing a rat exterminator. However, if you think you have already seen the signs of a rat infestation around your property, contact your local Ehrlich Pest Control office right away to discuss our rat removal and prevention methods.

When you are weighing your options before choosing a rat control specialist, here are some key things to consider.

Licensing and certification

It takes special skill to be a qualified and certified pest control specialist. If you want to hire a pest control company to get rid of rats or any other pest problem, ask them about their certification and licensing. States, counties, cities require rat control companies to be licensed for a wide variety of pest control services, including rats. The company should have these licenses and be willing to show them to you.

Experience in rat control

Being an effective rat exterminator means a lot more than just showing up and spraying chemicals or setting a bunch of random traps and bait boxes. It takes a certain professionalism and understanding of the way a building is structured, where the rats are more likely to be hiding, and where the rat control treatment is most likely to be effective. This knowledge takes years of experience to develop. Ask the rat control company how long they’ve been in the business, and how long they’ve been getting rid of rats specifically.

Treatment options available

What treatment options are available from the pest control company to get rid of the rats? A qualified and top-notch rat exterminator will listen to your needs and understand the causes of the infestation. A qualified rat control professional will take your pets and children into consideration to provide the best possible solution. Follow up treatments will likely be necessary, so be sure to discuss these as well. 

Understanding the guarantee

Most certified pest control companies will provide some kind of guarantee the pest has been removed and will not return. Be sure to ask about any guarantees the company offers and ask additional questions about how the guarantee works. Before you sign a contract, make sure you know all of the details.

Ehrlich specialist installing rat bait station

Find out about insurance

A qualified and quality pest control company will have insurance. This is just in case something goes wrong. Before you consider the right rat control company, make sure they have insurance to cover any problems which may arise. Discuss what the insurance entails and how you, as the customer, can file claims or get paid if any kind of unforeseen damage or incident occurs.

Understand the costs

It’s tempting to go with the cheapest price, but it can be a mistake. The bigger consideration is value over price. What are the costs involved and passed on to you by the pest control company? The costs are crucial, but you also should understand what you’re paying for. There’s usually a free pest inspection, but then there are costs for the initial pest removal and follow-ups. There will be costs for the equipment used, too. What those costs are depends on the size of the rat infestation, the size of the property, and other factors. Be sure to get everything in writing and understand what you’re paying for.

Contact Ehrlich Pest Control for rat control services

Ehrlich Pest Control has been in the business of removing rats from homes and businesses for a long time. The company was first founded in 1928 and rat control services has been one a standard offering since the beginning. Ehrlich Pest Control specialists are highly trained and certified technicians. Each specialist will make sure to inspect your property, find the rat infestation, provide the right solution for your needs, and do follow-up treatments as needed.

If you see rats around your building or inside your home, contact your local Ehrlich Pest Control office today.

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