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Got mice? How to get rid of these pests when mouse traps don’t work

There aren’t many more uncomfortable feelings than trying to live and sleep in your home while knowing there are furry little creatures running amok. Yes, we’re talking about mice and rats, and while you’ve probably already tried setting mouse traps for your pesky visitors, if you’re reading this they probably haven’t worked. If rodent control is an issue in your home or business, we’ve put together a list of remedies to try that should alleviate your problems.

A mouse by a piece of cheese from a mouse trap.

Don’t be hospitable

Mice, just like us, need food, water, and shelter to live, which is the reason they’ve taken up residence in your home in the first place.

Here are a few common changes you can try to make your home less inviting:

First, store all of your food in air-tight containers so that mice can’t smell whatever it is they’re snacking on. You don’t have to use glass containers, but doing so certainly won’t hurt.

Be sure to seal off your garbage, too, and don’t let a full bag sit or overflow. Get a solid garbage container with a lid to store the bag in, and then take the full bags outside into another container rather than storing them in a basement, garage, or breezeway. Mice can chew through just about anything – even concrete – but making their lives more difficult and stopping them from picking up the scent in the first place is key.

Be extra clean

Fun fact: Mice can live off of just three to four grams of food a day. That means the tiniest little crumbs can be a smorgasbord for a mouse and his family.

Sweep up frequently, vacuum as well, and then wash floors and surfaces with cleaners to get rid of appetizing aromas. Just because you don’t smell anything doesn’t mean a mouse can’t.

Commit to the little things when cleaning and you’ll see a big difference.

Mouse-proof your home

Mice aren’t exactly large critters, typically averaging about three inches in length. However, that doesn’t stop them from squeezing through small, tight spaces that appear to be much smaller than they are.

As a general rule of thumb, mice can fit into openings the size of a dime, and if you can fit a pencil through a crack, a mouse can get into it, too.

Search the areas of your home that might have openings – tiny cracks in the foundation, holes for utility pipes, and wires – and seal them with things like steel wool or caulking. Anything else, mice can chew through, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Eliminate them quickly

Mice reproduce incredibly fast and can have litters of six to seven babies every 21 days. That’s a terrifying thought to consider: From just one pregnant mouse invading your home, you could potentially have over 50 of them in just over a month!

Plus, if your traps haven’t worked, be sure you did things correctly. Three quick tips: Make sure traps are against and parallel to walls and in darker locations where mice will run into them; make sure the bait is something they actually like – they don’t really like cheese, despite what cartoons tell you, and rather prefer things like bacon, jelly beans, and peanut butter (we told you they were a lot like us!); finally, be sure to use gloves – like ones you might use for washing dishes, for example – while setting traps, because mice can detect your scent and might avoid the traps for fear of it being, you know, a trap.

Call a professional

If it wasn’t already obvious, we’ll lay it out for you: Mice are intelligent and difficult to force out of your homes, which quickly become their nests.

Residential pest control:

Your home may be a great place for pets, but not pests! Whether it’s termites, ticks, mice, or mosquitos, nobody likes an unwanted house guest. Our team of trained service professionals has provided residential pest control in New England for over nine decades. We can give you a customized treatment plan that makes the most for your budget. Our home protection plan, PestFree365+, is your best way to defend your home from the most common lingering pests, and we’ll keep our eye on the situation over the course of a year. Don’t let critters take over your home; call our residential pest control in New England.

Commercial pest control:

You need to protect your business from whatever threats may come your way, which sometimes could mean pests lurking in the shadows. Ehrlich Pest Control has worked with countless businesses in Massachusetts and surrounding states, so we know how to resolve your issues best. We will take extensive measures to learn about your problem, and our team will monitor the situation to make sure it’s resolved. Our programs hinge on providing the best possible experience for each and every one of our clients. When it comes to commercial pest control in New England, nobody beats Ehrlich.

Don’t be afraid to call a pest management professional like Ehrlich Pest Control to get the job done for you. We’re specially trained and understand the different tactics mice and other pests use to move and operate, so we know exactly how to eliminate them from your home or business in a safe, humane, and efficient manner.

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