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How to get rid of stink bugs

At Ehrlich, we’ve been helping and advising people on how to get rid of stink bugs on their property since the invasive species was first identified in Allentown, Pennsylvania. in 2001. Our state-certified and licensed technicians can offer practical advice and effective treatments.

The most common type of stink bug that most residents or business owners have to deal with every years it the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. They were brought over to this country from overseas and quickly spread. They come out in the fall and will consume juices from vegetables, which can create costly destruction of produce and gardeners.

Stink bugs get their name from the smell they give off if they are handled or if they are crushed. It is meant by the insects to defend themselves from predators.

Although there are many stink bug traps and insecticides available on the market, these only capture the bugs and don’t help to prevent them from entering your home. We offer a stink bug solution that will create a barrier around your property. Your technician will also help you identify and address stink bug entry points. Contact us for information about treatments.


Tips for getting rid of stink bugs in your home

Your first priority should be to look for entry points into your home. Possible entrances include underneath siding, around door and window frames, utility pipes, chimneys.

You can help to prevent stink bug invasions by doing the following:

  • seal holes in exterior walls larger than the diameter of a pencil

  • seal gaps and cracks around door and window frames

  • install door sweeps

  • ensure doors and windows are tight-fitting

  • screen exterior attic openings / vents

  • seal entry points with caulk or good quality silicone sealant (including around chimneys)

Stink bug traps

There are several stink bug traps available online and other areas. Some DIY stink bug trap methods have been popularized on internet as well. These attempt to trap the stink bugs so that they can be removed from the property and released. However, this does pose a risk of attracting more stink bugs or causing them to release the stench that can make your home or building smell.

A professional stink bug expert will know the correct method to remove the stink bugs that are currently infesting your property or garden and offer solutions to prevent them from returning.

Stink bug repellents

There are also several stink bug repellents and methods available online. Many of them use chemicals that are meant to be offensive and repellent to stink bugs to keep them away from people and property. There are also natural stink bug solutions out there, but Ehrlich cannot vouch for any of these solutions. They may be effective for a limited time or not effective in a way that completely removes the stink bugs from your property.

Any insect repellent would need to be applied and then re-applied to be effective. Ehrlich provides solutions that will look at the entire picture of your property to get rid of stink bugs and prevent stink bugs from returning.

If you do find stink bugs in your home, you can:

  • Remove both live and dead stink bugs with a vacuum cleaner - the vacuum may smell like stink bugs for a period of time. Always remember to empty your vacuum immediately after using on stink bugs.

  • Sweep the stink bugs up using a broom and dustpan and discard them in an outdoor trash receptacle.

  • Call Ehrlich at 800-837-5520  for a FREE pest inspection.

Ehrlich’s stink bug treatment options

Our stink bug solutions include:

  • Fall Insecticide Treatment – Licensed technicians will treat the outside of your home or business, which will aim to reduce the stink bug population on your property. Two treatments are carried out in the fall and applied to external areas of your property, including behind shutters, along foundation, eaves, and exterior lighting.

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – this method focuses on exclusion methods first. We will identify stink bug entry points around your home and work with you to address them.

  • PestFree365+ - Regularly scheduled preventive services and inspections to protect you from 36 common household pests.

Call Ehrlich today at 800-837-5520 or contact us online to arrange a FREE inspection of your home or business.

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Signs of stink bugs

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