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Mice in the attic removal

Mice are known to infest all kinds of places in homes, and one of the most common places you can find mice is your attic. Mice in the attic can be a real problem for homeowners, because of the damage they can do there. A mouse infestation in your attic is also problematic because of the mess they leave behind.  Mice feces and urine can help transmit diseases, making the air itself unsafe.

Certain species of mice are excellent climbers, and they will infest areas where they can find the warmest environments and the most material to use to make their nests. This is why your attic, where all of the heat from your home gathers and is often loaded with plenty of nest-building material, is often the most popular place for mice to infest.


How do mice get in the attic?

A mouse is able to compress its body, which means it can squeeze through a space no bigger than an inch in height or diameter.

That means just about any crack, space or hole around the perimeter of your home can lead to mice in the attic.

Mouse noises in attic

Most people do not spend much time in the attic of their home, which makes attics appealing to mice because they can go about their business uninterrupted. Even if you use the upstairs or upper levels of your home, mice can still get behind the walls, looking for insulation and other materials they can use to build nests.

An early indication of a mouse infestation is the sound of feet behind the walls. Mice like to come out at night, so you will most likely hear it when the house is quiet. You might also hear them chewing on things, even the wood itself, to create holes.

Mice in the attic will immediately start to build a nest for itself.  Mice will look for warm, soft things to create this nest, which may mean the insulation in the walls and ceiling as well as newspapers and other soft material.

The mice will use their sharp teeth to tear up the insulation into small pieces, which can lead to potentially irritating or dangerous insulation in the air which gets sucked up by air conditioning and spread around the house.

How to prevent mice in the attic

As a place to start for keeping mice out of the attic, seal holes with a diameter that’s larger than a pencil. Also, check that exterior doors close snugly.

You should also try to keep your home clean and eliminate boxes sitting on the floor, so mice will have fewer places to conceal themselves.

How to get rid of mice in the attic

Getting rid of mice in the attic is a priority once you have determined that they have built a nest. That’s why there are many companies that have DIY mouse control solutions such as baits, poison and mouse traps. There are several problems with trying to take care of a mouse infestation on your own, however.

  • Mice are very good at hiding, and that includes in your attic. They can fit into the smallest of spaces and chew their way through walls to continue hiding. 
  • It takes skill to find out where they are nesting and it also takes skill to find out how mice are getting in. The ways they might be using for entry could surprise you and a professional pest control expert will be able to find those access points.
  • An Ehrlich pest control professional has the training necessary to find where the mice are entering the attic. Our specialists are trained to safely inspect hard-to-reach areas like attics, seek out where the mice are hiding, and provide the most effective solution. Even if mice are hiding in cramped quarters, an Ehrlich specialist will remove the problem.

Mouse removal

An Ehrlich mouse control expert will know the best way to get rid of mice in the attic and how to keep mice away.

Call 800-837-5520 to schedule a free inspection or use our online form and start your journey to being mouse-free.


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