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Flea control for dogs and cats

If you’re a dog or cat owner, you probably squirm at the notion of fleas attacking your precious pet. Fleas can feed on dogs, cats and other animals. A flea infestation can happen to your pets, even though you may try to avoid thinking about it. Find out some central details regarding flea control for dogs and cats here.

When it comes to furry friends, it’s never fun to have a flea problem, but that’s where pest experts can help. Ehrlich can treat your home or business to get rid of the fleas and make sure the infestation has disappeared. That way, your pets can live in an environment without fleas and you will feel much better knowing they are happy!

Fleas on dogs and cats

If a flea is present on your dog or cat, it is most likely a cat flea. Cat flea females are capable of producing their body weight’s worth of eggs each day and need to feed often so they can get enough nourishment to produce eggs. Adult fleas actually pass less time on your carpet than on an animal.

Cat fleas can also be located on other mammals - for example, raccoons and skunks - and this is vital to remember. Even if you do not own a pet, you could experience issues with cat fleas if wild animals live in or under your building. Fleas will not always be at ground level, either - if animals reside in the attic or a crawl space, fleas can enter your property from there.

It’s important to watch out for signals that fleas could be feeding on dogs and cats. Female and male fleas discharge fecal pellets made of extra blood that they have taken in. Larvae feed on these droppings. Make sure you look at pet bedding to spot any flea eggs or flea feces, which together will look like black and white. There may be larvae and pupae located on the pet bedding.

You should check the skin of your pet to try to spot adult fleas on it as well as scabs due to flea bites. If fleas are feeding on your dog or cat, it will probably scratch and bite itself, which can lead to infection. Frequent scratching could signify your pet is dealing with a flea problem.

Flea eggs on dogs and cats

Flea eggs that are placed on pets fall off and land on carpet or other spots where the pet goes or sleeps. So, flea control for dogs and cats should include these places. Flea eggs are very small and whitish. The eggs then become larvae, which in turn become pupae.

Flea protection for dogs and cats

All of this detail about fleas and pets may give you a bleak outlook, but don’t fear. Learn some ways you can do your part to protect your dog or cat from fleas.

  • Keep up with vacuuming cat and dog bedding and places where your pets sleep.
  • Ensure you wash your cat or dog frequently.
  • Wash pet bedding using hot water every week.

Additionally, you should make it difficult for wild animals to live close to your home or building, which may help decrease the number of fleas. For example, you can store piles of wood above the ground to help get rid of places where rodents can find shelter.

If there are a lot of fleas infesting your carpet, you can get your carpet steam cleaned.

Flea treatment for dogs and cats

If your dog or cat does have fleas and your pet spends a considerable amount of time inside your structure, the inside of the property should be treated, along with the pet. You should get places treated where the pet goes often, such as bedding. If you own a cat, keep in mind that cats enjoy climbing and your feline does not always stay on the carpet or furniture. Be sure to pick up objects from the floor so these places can be reached when the property is treated.

To treat your pet itself, get in touch with your veterinarian for the most effective way to solve the problem. Flea treatment for dogs and cats should take place when pet locations like bedding and kennels are treated.

Our flea services

Ehrlich experts can help eliminate fleas at your property and we will provide an answer to your flea problem. We make sure treatments do not harm your cat or dog in any way. We are confident our flea expertise will help you get rid of these blood-feeding pests in your home or business.

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