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Carpenter bees damage

You probably know termites can create extensive damage at a home or business, but did you know carpenter bees also have the potential to bring harm to your property? These bees tunnel into wood (unlike termites, which consume it) and use the tunnels to raise offspring and as harborage. Although carpenter bees can be helpful as pollinators, if they are digging into wood at your structure and continue this activity over a period of time, they can turn into a real problem.

Learn more here about carpenter bee damage and possible costs. If you think carpenter bees are attacking your structure, get in touch with a professional right away to combat the issue. An Ehrlich specialist can apply treatment to take care of the problem. We know how to properly manage pest carpenter bees and understand how to get rid of them. Contact us at 800-837-5520 or reach out online to learn more today.

Costs of carpenter bee damage

A carpenter bee infestation can have multiple costs, so if these bees have infested your premises, do not delay in tackling the issue. First, repairs  - such as wood replacement - may be needed to correct carpenter bee damage. Carpenter bees typically tunnel into items that are not painted, such as eaves of roofs and telephone poles. They can affect decks too and can even attack furniture that is outdoors.

Also, if your area contains woodpeckers, the birds may peck at the wood as they attempt to get to carpenter bees. Carpenter bees can also leave feces near the opening of a tunnel, which creates stains.

Additionally, if carpenter bees are tunneling into your home or business, you will likely need to pay for treatment from a pest control company. Here’s the good news: Ehrlich specialists are equipped to handle carpenter bee issues and are trained in bee control, so you can be confident the problem will be eliminated. Get in touch with us for more details.

Although it may seem like a hassle to deal with carpenter bees, the damage can worsen each year if they are not treated. This is why it’s crucial to eradicate the bees as soon as you notice signs of them. That way, you can steer clear of any high costs.


Wood boring bees

The name “carpenter bee” comes from these insects’ wood-digging activity. So, watch out for holes that are dime-sized and almost completely round. More than one carpenter bee can use a single piece of wood. Their jaws allow them to dig tunnels.

You may see carpenter bees during the late spring and early in the summer as they become active. Mating takes place in the spring.

Once female carpenter bees have mated, they place eggs in cells in wood. They can make new passages of wood, use passages that have already been created, or enlarge previously-built passages. The females also put a food source (made of pollen and nectar) into the cells for the larvae and the cells are sealed. After the bees become adults, they start coming out during the late summer and may feed prior to spending the winter inside holes.

Carpenter bees commonly built tunnels close to existing tunnels. When they tunnel in the same location again and again, this can create damage. To avoid problems, you should take action whenever you see what look like carpenter bee tunnels at your property.

Eastern carpenter bee

Eastern carpenter bees are a common type of carpenter bee in the eastern U.S. and therefore they are one pest that could affect your home or business. This insect is around one inch in length; females have black faces but males have yellow faces. Their back legs have hairs.

How to get rid of carpenter bees

As female eastern carpenter bees favor wood that is not painted, it’s a wise idea to paint wood to detract their activity and hopefully inhibit harm.

But if carpenter bees are already digging into your wood, you should not try to get rid of them yourself. A pest control professional equipped to manage bee problems is your best choice for eradicating them and avoiding any major costs of damage. Ehrlich can not only treat for carpenter bees when they have infested your property, but we can help protect you against them, too. Carpenter bees are also covered by PestFree365+, our year-round protection plan, which can help keep them from becoming a serious issue in the first place.

Contact us today to get more details on how we can help you get rid of carpenter bees.

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