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Pest control in Knoxville, TN

Since 1928, Ehrlich has been protecting homes and businesses in Tennessee with customized pest control solutions. The Knoxville district covers eastern Tennessee, and stretches south to Chattanooga and north to Johnson City. Our specialists are local, and know all of the variables that contribute to local pest activity, particularly the mild springs and hot, humid summers. Our knowledge of the area can help diagnose any pest problem bugging you.

Using an integrated approach, we address your entire property, focusing on pest prevention, removal and exclusion—all backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. Our certified and licensed specialists effectively eliminate common pests, such as ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, micemosquitoesrats, spiders, ticks, wasps, and more. We also offer eco-friendly solutions to give you peace of mind that your family, pets and home are protected. No matter what your pest problem may be, Ehrlich has the solution. Let us help you today.

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As one of the largest cities in Tennessee, Knoxville is widely known for its culture, food, music and outdoor activities. Residents proudly call Knoxville home and the city attracts visitors from all over the United States.

With so much happening in the city of Knoxville, the pest activity is unavoidable. Knoxville residents and business owners can rely on Ehrlich Pest Control for their rodent, termite, mosquito and bed bug needs.

Your Ehrlich Pest Control specialists will devise a comprehensive and customized pest control solution plan to remove the pests you have and prevent them in the future. We even offer green pest control solutions for our customers who are concerned about their pest control's environmental impact.

Call your local Ehrlich Pest Control office today or contact us online to find out how you can start living pest-free.

Knoxville, TN pest control reviews

Bed bug exterminators Knoxville, TN

Bed bug infestations are a homeowners worst nightmare. Bed bugs reproduce quickly and are difficult remove once they have invaded your home. Because bed bugs are such a nuisance, Ehrlich Pest Control trains their specialists with the most up-to-date bed bug removal techniques and tools to remove bed bugs fast. We also provide our customers with tips to prevent bed bug infestations in the future.

We understand how stressful bed bug infestations can be which is why we act fast and schedule follow-up appointments to ensure our treatment method is working. Give us a call for advice on your bed bug problem today. 

Mosquito removal Knoxville, TN

Not only are mosquito bites annoying, they're dangerous. Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal in the world due to mosquito-borne illnesses like West Nile and the infamous Zika virus. With all of the outdoor activities available to do in the Knoxville area, mosquito control is an important investment for homeowners. 

Luckily, your local Ehrlich pest specialists are just a phone call away. Our Knoxville area pest experts are fully trained and state-licensed to perform residential and commercial mosquito control services. Our pest specialists eliminate adult mosquitoes as well as mosquito larvae. Ehrlich pest specialists are trained to identify mosquito breeding grounds and remove them to reduce the likelihood of mosquitoes nesting near your property.



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