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Welcome to the Jacksonville Ehrlich branch page! Ehrlich covers Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. Ehrlich Pest Control has been providing pest control service to local area for years. Our specialists live in the communities they serve so they can provide you with reliable local service.

Our pest control specialists in Jacksonville are highly trained. We make sure our team stays up to date on the very latest pest detection and pest control methods. Contact us today to eliminate pests like:

Our team of pest control experts is ready to solve your issues. Schedule a free inspection today by calling 904-525-8782.

Mike Hughes

Area District Manager of Ehrlich Pest Control in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL pest control reviews

Bed bug control for Jacksonville, FL

Bed bugs are called "bed bugs" because people’s beds are the most common place they infest. Once an infestation starts, bed bugs will spread fast. You can even end up finding bed bugs behind picture frames, hidden in cracks in furniture, in carpeting, sofas, chairs, electrical sockets and all over the house.

Stop waking up with bite marks on your body by calling the best bed bug control specialists in Jacksonville. Ehrlich specialists will carry out an on-site inspection of your property and locate the areas where the pests are hiding. Ehrlich offers a variety of treatment options from chemical-based to non-chemical treatments.

Now, take the first step toward being bed bug free - contact Ehrlich today.

Spider removal services in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL is a vacation spot for people, but you could also say Florida’s largest city is a destination spot for spiders. Florida's tropical weather makes it a breeding ground for all kinds of spiders. Some Florida spiders are pretty big in size and potentially dangerous (like black widow spiders).

At the very least, many customers require spider removal solutions to remove the spider webs all over their property which can make things look pretty shabby.

Our experts in Jacksonville will remove the webs and debris and then offer advice and solutions to you that will prevent further spider issues.

Ehrlich Pest Control specialists can even talk you through our year round pest protection plans for your home or business. Contact us today!

Termite control in Jacksonville, FL

Termites are tiny insects with one goal: eating. They devour cellulose, which is found in wood. They never stop, either. You may not even realize that your home has a termite infestation until you suddenly feel spongy floors, doors stop closing correctly or you notice damage to on the interior or exterior.

Termites are often confused for ants in Jacksonville. It takes experience and training to know the difference. That's why people who need termite control in Jacksonville call the experts at Ehrlich.

At Ehrlich, we are termite control specialists. We will identify the pests in question and remove them using a variety of highly effective methods. We make sure that all of the infesting termites are eliminated, from eggs to queen. Additionally, we offer solutions that will stop termites from returning.

From real estate termite inspections to termite removal and prevention, contact the experts at Ehrlich today!

Community involvement in Jacksonville, Florida

We are a PROUD bronze member of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. We work with them to make great things happen here in the northeast Florida market!



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