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PestConnect: Digital pest control redesigned

Tailored to the digital nature of businesses in a post-coronavirus shutdown world, Ehrlich Pest Control's PestConnect portfolio of solutions actively monitors, detects, and contains rodents on the interior and exterior of your facility. Our portfolio of digital pest control monitoring devices with proprietary sensor technology leverages the power of the Internet to alert Ehrlich at the first sign of rodent activity, triggering a rapid response to your immediate problem. We have blended integrated pest management with our digital pest control technology to provide up to the minute data, providing faster problem resolution, increased efficacy, and ultimately, reduced disruption to your business.

Our internet-connected devices feature leading sensor technology to keep watch over your premises all day, every day. You will have peace of mind knowing your facility is safe and that you will be notified instantly on the status of your business from our PestConnect products.


Less disruptive. More responsive. More effective.

Aligning with your unique facility plans and goals, our PestConnect devices, Multi Rodent Trap Connect and Dual Autogate Connect, create a record of rodent activity at your site. They send real-time alerts for immediate response, and give you the data to generate needed reports and trends through our proprietary PestNetOnline data management system. Available 24/7 from any device, PestNetOnline lets you easily access pest and service activity, offering recommendations, priority status updates, multi-site capabilities, trend analyses, customized reporting to support audit requirements, and electronic logbooks. Over time, this data allows us to refine and optimize your program — meaning less disruption and cost for you.

Multi Rodent Trap Connect

Multi Rodent Trap Connect is a wireless electronic monitoring system that enhances your interior rodent protection program. Multi Rodent Trap Connect sensors alert you the second a rodent is trapped, and enables remote monitoring and protection by Ehrlich. This way, you are always in control.

  • Continuous 24/7, year-round protection against rodent intrusion
  • Instant alerts
  • Effective and immediate containment and communication
  • Reduced contamination risk
  • In-depth reporting with easy-to-access data
  • Exact time and date stamp for audit compliance records
  • Online trend and analysis data includes interactive maps, charts, and analytical tools
  • 24 - 72-hour response from your Pest Specialist

Dual Autogate Connect

Dual Autogate Connect is a patented rodent bait station designed to enhance your exterior rodent protection program. Utilizing a smart gate mechanism, Dual Autogate Connect sensors distinguish between species, and only open when rodent activity is detected. After the sensor is triggered three times, the gate door opens to allow the target rodent species into the station. This prevents non-target pests, animals, and unauthorized personnel from accessing the bait in the station.

  • Effective multi-rodent detection, monitoring, and treatment solution
  • Allows rapid protection and control for exterior rodent activity
  • Restricts bait access to target rodent species
  • Reduces pesticide impact on the environment
  • Provides time and date stamp on rodent activity
  • Designed for use in highly-regulated environments

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