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Cockroach control

Just about any property is vulnerable to cockroaches, no matter how clean. They have been around for a very long time and are known for their ability to adapt and survive. Cockroaches are considered pests and if you see just one there's a good chance you have more hidden away somewhere.

That's why, if you’re seeing cockroaches, it's important to call in an Ehrlich professional who will be able to work with you to find a solution. We will find the source of the infestation, eliminate it, and offer prevention methods to stop the pests from returning.

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Cockroach treatments

Ehrlich pest specialists can provide you with peace of mind when you are experiencing a cockroach infestation. Our certified specialists are located across the U.S. and can provide you with safe, reliable cockroach control when you need it most. With access to the latest technology and knowledge, you can rely on Ehrlich pest specialists to find effective solutions for your cockroach infestation. Services may vary depending on the type of cockroach.

Ehrlich cockroach services will include an inspection of the area with a flashlight, insecticide application, and insect monitor placement. Your specialist will remove any current cockroaches with a vacuum and then place mouse glue boards and apply granular cockroach bait where cockroaches may enter. A non-repellent liquid residual insecticide will be applied to areas where cockroaches harbor or are likely to crawl. Any gaps in your home will be sealed with a silicone sealant, copper mesh, expandable foam, etc.

Ehrlich specialist finalizing a cockroach inspection

Cockroaches are a problem for your home or business

Cockroaches are pests for a number of reasons. They can be quite alarming to people, including customers and carry a number of diseases that can potentially be serious for humans.

Cockroaches in your place of business can ruin your reputation and they are notoriously considered a sign of an unclean space. However, there are other concerns that make cockroaches pests that must be dealt with by professionals.

Cockroaches have been shown to carry disease-causing microorganisms on their bodies. Microbes found on cockroach bodies include several types of bacteria, worms, fungi and viruses. While cockroaches have never been linked to the direct transmission of any disease, they can contaminate clean surfaces with disease-causing microbes. Cockroaches can bring about illnesses such as:

  • Food poisoning is caused when cockroaches eat rotten food and crawl around unsanitary places, tracking germs across the food on your counter and in your cabinets.
  • Dysentery comes from cockroaches walking across fecal matter and then bringing it onto your food.
  • Tapeworms can cause serious illness and problems with digesting food in humans and other animals.
  • Roundworms, which are parasite organisms, can be very dangerous to humans and cause illnesses such as trichinosis.
  • Cockroaches can leave behind fungus from their droppings, skin shedding and other material that will affect the lungs or eyes. Those with asthma can be very much at risk from fungus left by cockroaches.
  • Cockroaches are known to carry a number of viruses including those as serious as polio.
  • Cockroach droppings, skins and saliva are one of the leading causes of allergies for those who live in urban locations.

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Think you have roaches?

Save yourself the frustration of trying to do it yourself. Contact your local Ehrlich office for long-term cockroach control solutions that are guaranteed to work. A pest specialist will find the source of the infestation, eliminate it completely and prevent the cockroaches from returning.

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