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Get rid of German cockroaches in Florida

Have you spotted a cockroach crawling around on your kitchen or bathroom floor in Florida? There’s a very good chance it was one of the most common types of roach in the U.S. – the German cockroach. Not only common throughout the U.S., but this species of cockroach is particularly fond of the Sunshine State.

German cockroaches in Florida can pop up any time of the year, due to the weather here. A German cockroach may end up in your home or could be found in a business. If a customer were to spot a German cockroach infestation in your business, this could damage your reputation resulting in bad word of mouth, health inspections and even possible business closures.

German cockroach

Whether the roach problem is within your home or business, take cockroaches seriously and contact a pest professional to take care of an infestation.

Ehrlich is your local expert on German cockroaches in Florida. We understand cockroach issues are frightening and will make every effort to eliminate your infestation. Call us at 888 984 0186 or contact us online to arrange a time for a cockroach inspection.

What does a German cockroach look like?

German cockroaches (Blattella germanica) are ½ to ⅝ inches in length and light brown in color with telltale long antennae. They have two dark streaks extending down their backs, starting just behind the head. Adults have wings, but they don’t fly.

Baby German cockroach

German cockroaches carry their eggs in a brown egg capsule called an ootheca. Each ootheca contains 30 to 40 eggs, which typically hatch in one month. Immature German cockroach nymphs are more darkly colored than adults. They molt several times as they mature and it can take from six weeks to six months for a German cockroach to develop into an adult.

Infestations can form quickly because German cockroaches are fruitful breeders and develop rapidly. This is one reason to watch out for these cockroaches in Florida. Even if you only see a few, that could turn into an even bigger problem.

German vs. American cockroach

Different cockroach species share some of the same features and attributes. What separates German and American cockroaches? American cockroaches are larger – around 1 ⅜ to 2 ⅛ inches in length, and are colored reddish-brown. They can live both outdoors and indoors, including unpleasant places such as sewers.

Ehrlich knows how to correctly identify species, so even if you’re dealing with a cockroach that’s not a German cockroach, we can help you get rid of it.

German cockroach facts

German cockroaches like to be around humans and human structures, making them domestic pests. Generally, German cockroaches prefer humid, warm areas. They hide in cracks and crevices close to sources of food and water. They feed on different foods, including sweets and meats as well as book bindings. Just because your building is clean doesn’t mean you’re exempt; German cockroaches can be found in both clean and dirty buildings.

Here are some spots where German cockroaches can hide:

If you have a German cockroach problem on your Florida property, that’s likely because the roaches were transported there via grocery bags, furniture or a product shipment. They can also move from one apartment to another through pipes.

Not only do German cockroaches make your premises look unclean, but they may also cause allergic reactions and be involved in disease transmission. This is why you need to take action when you spot them.

How to get rid of German roaches in Florida

If you notice any kind of cockroach at your Florida property, contact a pest control professional who knows how to get rid of cockroaches. Ehrlich understands the appropriate treatments for German cockroaches and will work with you to eliminate the infestation. When you contact us, we will visit your premises and conduct an inspection, looking for dead or live cockroaches and fecal matter (which shows up as black to dark brown spots). We also check for potential cockroach shelter locations.

Typically, treatment will take place on a separate day. If the infestation is severe, we may use a vacuum cleaner to remove some of the cockroaches, then apply additional treatments to cracks and crevices. Bait treatments may also be necessary.

You can take steps to prevent German cockroaches in Florida. The roaches prefer cardboard, so when shipments are carried into your building, check them for cockroaches and move materials from cardboard boxes to plastic containers. Also, seal any gaps or cracks at your home or business so the roaches cannot enter.

Have you seen insects that look like German cockroaches at your Florida home or business? Don’t wait — reach out to Ehrlich today!

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